Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

Going to Glasgow angling centre to buy tippet … but what make? # Two chaps say Rio.. that will be next if the current frog hair turns into mush! # Drinking red wine and eating tapas! # Drinking too much wine .. people are questioning my ability to fish tomorrow! # Now moved on […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

Is set lining just a Scotland thing-sticking a worm and a weight on some line and chucking it into a river or lake does not seem fun to me! # The river leven.. another urban river .. # For the love god I need to catch a trout ! # I just had […]

Vet school

I am down at the vet school for a walk… the joys of mobile internet!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

Clocks changed last night… means the fish get a longer time in bed and may make em less grumpy! Me? I am going pike fishing! # Just back from first trip of the year … a fair few pike caught .. full report to follow on blog! # Power cut last night … told […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

I would love to know how crap like this ends up in our rivers .. surely it takes less effort going to the dump! # More litter next to a burn that I pass! # Spring .. let's not get too cocky .. in like a lamb out like a lion! # […]

Would you eat human flesh?

I mean seriously – lets say it was an experiment totally sanctioned by the health board right – lets say they needed a half dozen people to eat a slice of human flesh for some totally unknown reason – you are not actually told what the reason is other than the test is not whether […]

El Conio The Magnificent

What do you get if you cross some first year art school students with some litter and a traffic cone?

You get “El Conio The Magnificent” an explanation of how traffic cones end up in the River Kelvin.

Oh to be a student again – it was a simpler time!

Do you want to join my Urban Alliance?

This is a three part post – today the setup and later all going well will be the reveal – I will then give you a bit of time to think before I act. This will be a hard task my friends – I do not want to say at this stage what it is […]

Fly Tying – Milngavie Style!

So I decided I needed some contact with other anglers and the best place for that was at the fly tying class along at Milngavie (rather than standing in the freezing cold chasing Grayling, some people might say actual fishing for a change) – an added bonus was that Jim from Palewatery was visiting to […]

It is cold – I want to see an olive.

One month until the start of the season and it is still very cold.

I am currently wondering if the temperature is going to rise and give us a good start to the season. The first fly we should all be looking out for are “Large Dark Olives” – an absolutely lovely wee […]