Carbon shortage

I hear that the price of carbon is set to rise, due to a worldwide shortage. A lot of this is blamed on the massive amounts used by the space industry as well as a defense project. This means that all the carbon suppliers are going to be woud up with fulfilling the orders. Seemingly there was an article in “Anglers Mail” a while ago and it said not to panic but still……..prices for new rods are going to start rising. If you have a look over at .david norwich he says::


Regretfully I have to apply a price increase on all my rods from January 15th 2005. I am informed by my carbonfibre pre-preg suppliers, that due to a massive demand for a U.S defense project.

( In all probability another super high flying anti-radar aeroplane)

That this will tie up virtually every composites manufacturing site world wide!

Carbon fibre is a volatile substance with a limited shelf life before it degrades. This is why it is kept in freezers at -24 degrees centigrade before the patterns are cut for use.

I have enough material for around 3 months production. Normally I order when I am down to 2 months stock left. With the reduced supply and my relatively small custom made requirements (small fish in big pond) I have to order further in advance. Carbon prices are due to rise worldwide by around 15-25% . This does not mean a 15-25% price increase on my rods however, and I will keep the rise to as low as possible, but when ordering from Jan 15th 2005 please allow around a 5 to 8% increase on EV2/3 & 4 models.

Very annoying because I lowered the prices on these models because of reduced carbon prices in 2003!

EV5 prices will stay at the present level, at least till summer 2005 depending on demand for the material I have in stock


  1. DAVID NORWICH · January 7, 2005

    Hi you may care to addf a follow up to the shortage of Carbon fibre mentioned above. I have now had to cease production of a range of rods because of this. Please see the above link.
    Thank you,
    David Norwich

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