So I and my lovely assistant/fiancé decided to get away for a night at the weekend. As it was lovely on Saturday we got in the car and belted up to a little Glen we know just before Glen coe. We pitched our tent, opened up the red wine, I had a cigar and then decided to fish for some tiny trout in the spate river we were beside! I found a lovely little pool where the water was gin clear (incidentally my favourite tipple at the moment) and the trout almost suicidal
me fishing
I was casting to the head of a little pool with a little dry fly and it would nearly always get splashed…
Great fun, I doubt there was any big fish in the water as not a lot of fly life on the river…
tiny troot
I was having so much fun that Claire wanted in on the action…
claire fishing
As we did not catch anything very big it was sausages and bacon rolls on a barbeque for tea!
Claire was not smiling the next day as she had food poisoning and was violently sick!!!

I had loads of sausages and I was fine……..funny thing that!

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  1. ALAN ATKINS · June 13, 2005

    I, too, have fished this river with similar results.However,i have been told by a very reliable and knowlegable older source that where this river goes into a certain sea-loch , and a mile a so up stream , seatrout run from june onwards and are in the loch most of the year.I have tried to find out who the riparian owner is and who has the fishings and ended up at a posh legal firm in London,who told me fishing was seldom available.But ,i have never seen any rods on the lower streches,so next time your up there take your 7 weight and have a go for the s.t.;s at nite,i certainly will.Oh,and alistair,i will be having some nite time action on the Kelvin at the end of the month,after the next spate.Get in touch if you are keen

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