Camping Trip – Part 3

What can I say about The Tay ? Wikipedia says:

 The River Tay is a river in the southern Highlands of Scotland; it was made somewhat famous (or infamous) by William McGonagall‘s The Tay Bridge Disaster. It is the longest river in Scotland and the sixth-longest in the UK. It is also the largest river in the UK with a catchment of approximately two thousand square miles (the Tweed is 1,500 square miles and the Spey is 1,097 square miles).

However I will say that if we did poorly on the Ericht, this time we did even worse on the Tay, it was bigger colder and with even more sullen trout. Emmanuelle turned up and caught a nice grayling.

Nightly pep talk was in a bed and breakfast. At this point we were losing the will to live.

Alex was not in this picture as he was obviously still basking in the glory of his New Zealand dropper technique.


  1. Blainey · April 29, 2007

    Good to see you lot trying, if not suceeding mightily. The cold is character building, don’t you know. In fact, in your photos it still looks like winter up there, whereas down here in London we’ve been having a tropical heatwave since March.
    Tight lines!

  2. Nick · April 29, 2007

    Wish I’d been there… (actually, I lie – the cold puts me off a bit, but the rest is cool!)

    Love the caption – and I have no idea why you couldn’t catch trout. Should we ask the wife? 😉

  3. Charlie dunn · April 29, 2007

    It’s a great time to be closer to home-The fish are coming readily to flies in the kelvin now.Done well on a black spider size 16 and had 2 on a duster-nothing big though.

  4. Alistair · April 29, 2007

    You know what they say Charlie….the furthur away you travel to fish the worse it will be…..

    Well, we still have my final part of our camping trip – we all did rather well 🙂

  5. Charlie dunn · April 29, 2007

    Look forward to reading about it-however,it’s round about this time the wife wonders why she married me-and the kids wonder where dad’s gone.Bring on the salmon!

  6. alan atkins · April 29, 2007

    Next tiome we should definateley wait until May. I will be having a throw on the Kelvin this weekend, but before that i have a day booked on the Tay for salmon at Upper Ballfracks ( very unusual name for a beat!!), so hopefully the first springer of 2007 will come to my fly

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