Camping in the Lake District

So I went camping with my sister, brother in law and my better half to the Lake District. For some bizzare reason I did not throw a rod into the back of the car thinking that I would not be able to get any fishing done, how annoyed then was I when we camped here around a few yards from this little burn..
little burn
What made it even worse was the fact I could see little rises every time that I walked up to check it again.

Anyway, we did some walking and nearly got blown off the top of a hill..


  1. Shupac · August 30, 2005

    Beautiful little stream!

    A lot of the lake district is in a national park, isn’t it? Is fishing open there, or pay-to-play? Going to have to make it out there someday.

  2. Alistair · August 30, 2005

    You need a rod liscense for England and then there are the permits. Although to be honest on a stream like that I would be inclined just to have a couple of casts as at this part anyway it doesnt really look fished!

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