Bright n Sunny!!

So I went down the Kelvin the other day with someone I have been mailing for a while. It was one of those days that it just goes to show you can actually go fishing for a good few hours in bright sunshine and pretty grim conditions while catching no fish and still have a cracking day out. All in all though even though I am saying that we caught no fish when I actually go ahead and tally up the number of fish I find myself with around 5. Now that I come to think about it there was plenty fish rising but I kept missing the takes…….we had a few casts in at a pool that I generally pass by as it is so slow……..hooked a fish for a few moments and then it was away…..just goes to show you that there is always something new to learn about the river!!
No biggies….but still fish all the same!! I was fishing dry as usual and my fishing buddy started off dry and then changed to wet techniques which he is more comfortable with….
Later on as the day cooled down more fish started to rise, there was some sedges and olives on the water…… was very tranquil and pleasant with nice bats on the water…

Need to get stuck in and get some knlinkhammers tied up……..I have been noticing that once a fish has taken on then that is the fly pretty well waterlogged for the rest of the trip!!!!

Need a plentifull supply!!

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  • […] It’s funny, as the night before we noted that we have never actually fished together in good conditions, it’s either been too hot or raining or just plain wild weather. Now to add to our little collection of bizarre fishing trips it was too damn cold. We were optimistic, all the books tell you that rainbows are not bothered by the cold much more the heat, so we were both quietly optimistic (we were not going to settle for anything less than bloodlust/ killfest until our limit was reached). As it turned out Brian the owner of Harelaw did not have much to worry about from these two geniuses. His advice was traditional flies fished slow, traditional as in something small and black. After that didn’t work I decided on something big pink and sparkly, it still didn’t work. […]

  • […] I want to know how on Monday I managed to blank in such spectacular style. Not on the Kelvin this time but at my other special little place. Last week I at least hooked trout albeit they managed to get away, I had deceived the trout into taking my fly. That was satisfying, even though they skedaddled. On Monday I did not even connect with a trout. There was a few trout rising, both Emmanuel and Alex managed to hook trout, in fact they both caught nice trout. It was Alex’s first time here and it takes some getting used to- he managed just fine (maybe he stole my mojo?) […]