Bridge Work – Challenge Completed!

I posted this over on the FishKelvin site however thought you guys might like to see it as well.

Essentially, the Kelvin legend Jim Burns took a walk up to the infamous Balmore stretch of the Kelvin and noticing the ditch that everyone complains about only goes and builds a bloody great bridge at home to help everyone out.

Last Sunday we went and put it up.



  1. Great looking little feat of engineering. I’m not sure what the wire on the railings serves though? To keep someone from slipping through?

  2. Yes Chuck, essentially Jim assembled the beast in his back garden and had his grandchildren run over it – they stuck their heads through the railings – a bit of wire should stop that happening!

    It also helps with midget fishers.

  3. Superb. Surely the “Burns Bridge” on the next update of the beat map? Well done all. Well done Jim.

  4. Team effort guys its great what can be done in a couple of hours.This now makes it safer to cross.
    Grandchildren Jay & Aarron keep asking where their bridge is.
    Now with a little more help the association could do a lot more of these projects in the future. A few hours can make such a differance.

  5. cheers for that guys-no longer will i have to take’the leap of faith’,on a muddy wet day up the balmore:}

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