Bob Wyatt!!

So I see Bob Wyatt has his book coming out soon. I was having a read at this months Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine and he had an article about Grey Dusters. He ties a variant called a “Dirty Duster” ….
dirty duster

…..This is one of the flies (not the ACTUAL fly, this is one from his site) he gave me that time we were filming for that Trout N About programme……it was allso responsible for my best trout on the dry fly.

He says::

Courtney Williams (A Dictionary of Trout Flies) considered the old Grey Duster to be the best pattern for a mayfly hatch, but couldn’t say why. We know now. It’s the way the tail-less Duster floats. This clipped hackle, sunk-abdomen version improves on an all-time classic, and couldn’t be easier to tie

Well thats true anyway, ive been tying them up like crazy. All the things ive read about the duster say that it is a good all round fly. Ive bought myself a “Golden Badger” cape from the states, I know that the traditional duster is tied with a silver badger but after some advice from a messege board I decided to get this cape as Grey Dusters tied with a variety of badger variations is a great way to get flies for different species of olive.

For example Pale Watery = Grey Duster with light brown thread and pale cream badger

Large Dark Olive = with dark brown thread and yellowish badger

Iron Blue Dun = with primrose thread and yellowish badger with very pronounce black tips but a thin list

So go and check out Bob’s site and buy his book when it comes out.