Saturday was hot and bright, however the kids were at a party and it meant that I had a few hours free to hit the Kelvin for my first river session of the year. Alas it was in vain..

I waded up to a nice long pool where after a few casts with the dry I decided to try the old faithful of a dry and dropper. Each speculative cast I thought the dry was going to be pulled under however it just did not happen. Still it was nice to be out and the birds were tweeting away. As I walked back to the Science park I met another Kelvinator and we chatted for a bit – he was having the same time as me however had a lot more time tp play with.

I scoped out some deeper water hoping to see a lone rise however the river appeared lifeless.

Well, not lifeless but certainly not hungry anyway. Other people have been catching though – one of the benefits of the River Kelvin Fishers Page.

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  1. Arthur Hamer · April 22, 2018

    Well you are not the only one finding it hard work, it’s pretty dire down here in Bolton as well at the moment.