Black beetle

For anyone that is interested I have had to do a full reformat of my computer. I managed to get a virus last week….in fact I didnt actually get a virus it was my other half that opened a dodgy attachment that caused a virus to get in. It was zapped anyways but I like things all nice and new anyway so wiped the whole damn lot. I am now using Firefox as my web browser and Thunderbird as my computer mail program. They are smoooooooooooth as anything.
I have been having a gander around for flies for next season and am going to get the materials for a Black Beetle
black beetle fly
I was thinking about the fact that there is never any major hatches of flies on the Kelvin and have decided to give the old terrestrials a go. Its funny because I used to have some bee flies but never used them. I think I got them …….heck I know I got them when I got my first fly rod years ago and never used them!!
Need to get some of that foam stuff!!