Big River Bonanza

So I and a couple of pals (Mike & Alex) are going away for a few days fishing and camping. It is going to be a bit of a big river bonanza as on Friday we should be fishing the Tummel, Saturday the River Don and on Sunday the River Tay. Should be good fun!!.
When I told Claire she had the cheek to say “sounds all a bit Brokeback Mountain to me” the bloody cheek- there will actually be plenty of fishing and quite possibly whiskey as well. Alex has to share my tent so I sent him a text asking if he had one of those foam mattress things for under sleeping bags “those are for pussies” came the reply. If that bugger wasn’t in my tent I would be taking my self inflating double mattress with me, as it is we shall see who the pussy is when he is sleeping on a rock! Mwa ha ha!!

The weather is to be atrocious so wish us luck wherever you are!


  1. Alistair, sounds like a good trip. The Don should produce some quality sport to dries and emmergers, especially in the upper reaches. However, if youhave not booked i would check availability.It can be busy especially with recent high profile articles in the angling press. Another thing, check the SEPA website for water levels, we have had a lot of rain and i know that there is still snow melt affecting the Esks. But hey, if all else fails you can always rely on the ” water of life” !! I am away to the Teith this afternoon for silver tourists, a big rise in water and large fish seen moving upstream at Stirling means prospects are good. You must give the big stuff a try soon, regards, Alan

  2. Everything over here in the mountains of Northern California is running extremely high due to melting snow, so I’m envious.

    I get the impression you have to pay to fish some of the water? It’s private then?

    Good luck!

  3. the tummel should be ok to fish as it can take a lot of rain,not sure about melting snow though. you could always go out on the pish in pitlochry.
    i haven’t seen brokeback mountain,but deliverence gives me the shits when i’m up that way.
    tight lines.


  4. So Alistair, how’d you get on with the bonanza??

    Hope the bad weather stayed away for a while! And no leaking tents either I hope!


  5. come’on Alistair
    I want nice report on a true Gierach style………..
    and lots of pics…

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