Big Atlantic Salmon Runs Foster Hope for Fish

Big Atlantic Salmon Runs Foster Hope for Fish

Last year a silver tide of salmon flooded many rivers in Europe and North America. Scotland, Iceland, Canada, and other countries reported big gains in the number of Atlantic salmon returning to their native rivers.

The strength of these runs offers hope that conservation efforts are at last beginning to pay off, say activists who have sought to reverse long-term declines in Atlantic salmon stocks.

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  1. Thorney Lieberman · January 11, 2005

    Great news! Thanks for the post. I have been on the lookout for something positive,as Salmon fishing has been declining for as long as I have been fishing; 30+ years. Paulie and I would be most inclined to “try our luck”, and possibly get skunked, if it were in Scotland, so look out Alistair, you may be seeing us after all.

    My “River Kelvin”, the stream I just began to fish and explore in my backyard, Boulder Creek, has been completely closed down in the only area of interest to me. This is due to New Zealand Mud Snails, first confirmed case in Colorado. One is not even able to walk along the banks: closed. Enter and go directly to jail (court, actually).

    Upgraded computer so I don’t have your email, and you don’t seem to have a “contact me” on your blog anymore, so send and email, more of interest to tell you that I don’t want to publicly post.

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