Belter of a Session!

While all you suckers were out working last week I took the day off and ended up with a mid week belter of a session on the Clyde – overcast and warm conditions (the river was also a little high and coloured) meant I caught around 2 dozen trout on the dry fly between 1000 and 1500.

Lovely Clyde Trout

Lovely Clyde Trout

All my trout came to comparaduns with only a few disasters.


1. My tippet went bad in my pocket and was totally ruined.

2. I realised that the hook had snapped just below the tail of my fly (took a half hour to work that little gem out)

3. I forgot my net (not good when a nice trout is going bananas in the pool in front of you)

4. I jammed my foot in a rock and could not get it out (ok, yes eventually I did)

5. I have lost my lucky hat so have to wear my light coloured Orvis one (it is too bright and feels like a beacon on my head on hot days.

Mid Summer

Mid Summer

The hidden disaster of course is that we are now on the home stretch towards Autumn and the close season – Mid Summer is the year in the prime of its life – Autumn  old age and the inevitable long cold sleep of Winter.

Lovely Trout

Lovely Trout

The trout above was the average – around the half pound mark  – It was just one of those days that I could do no wrong – if I seen a trout rise (and there was not many) it would take my fly as long as my presentation was fine. Like I say sure I seen the odd trout rise however most of my trout were caught purely speculating – so I would look at a riffle and reckon a trout would be sitting in their somewhere (fancy people call this reading the water) and then cast – more often than not my judgement would be correct.

Pocket Water

Pocket Water

It did not mater if it was long pools or pocket water – all the trout were fair game.

I did see flies on the water – there was no matching the hatch or more accurately matching the size – during the course of the day I went through three flies – only because the first hook broke and the 2nd became so waterlogged that it was become difficult to float.

The could have been taking this!

The could have been taking this!

I suspect they were Small Dark Olives however I am happy to be corrected – I know you guys know more about this than I do!

The Trout Kept Coming!

The Trout Kept Coming!

Their was several trout nudging past the pound point – taking pictures of the bigger trout was difficult due to lack of net!

All the trout fought like demons on fire – jumping out the water and trying to dive under rocks and into weed – they were obviously so vigerous due to the extra oxygen in the water.



In 2008 my last trip out for trout was at the start of August – it was great – that trip has always stuck with me – after that trip I started to target Pike instead of trout and I had a whale of a time. I could not help but feel things are not dissimilar this year – I suppose the one major difference is that this year I have fished probably a tenth of the amount of previous years however that is to be expected with a child.

Anyway – from this point on I have two new goals to work on with my limited time:

1. I want to catch a Salmon from the Kelvin.

2. I want to catch an enormous Pike.

Wish me luck!


  1. JimL · August 16, 2009

    Cool session, much better than being stuck in work.

    BTW the fly in the photo looks like a female BWO spinner, that’d be my guess going on what you can see in the pic.

  2. Alistair · August 16, 2009

    The fly only had two tails Jim !

  3. SimonGraham · August 16, 2009

    Enjoyable session by the looks of it.Great looking trout there.

  4. JimL · August 16, 2009

    Damn hairy arm…. Looked like 3 in the photo LOL

    Forgot to say last time …. Good luck with the Kelvin Salmon and enormous Pike

  5. Andy C · August 16, 2009

    good luck on the pike and salmon

  6. George >)));> · August 16, 2009

    Hi Alistair –

    Those trout look fab. I’ve not been fishing of late, work always gets in the way.

    Need to get som more action, only landed 4 this year … shocking!!to think i was into double figures last year

    No matter, still time to achieve more :o)

    Cheers …. the wee fishy 1 … from saltcoats :o)

  7. Stuart B · August 16, 2009

    YOU want to catch a Salmon ?????

  8. alan atkins · August 16, 2009

    Of course he does Stuart, he’s only human!!

  9. Campbell S · August 16, 2009

    I am glad to see that you have waited to return to the Clyde where you could float your size 2/0 comparaduns to panicky fish instead of persever with the size 20 paraduns…

    Nice work.

    This week should be good for salmon if the rain lets the river settle a bit.

  10. shanksi · August 16, 2009

    Looks like you had a good day with some lovely brownies. Good luck with your targets.

  11. Ian Scott · August 16, 2009

    Nice photos and article, Alistair. You’ll have lots of fun when that child reaches the age he/she wants to go fly fishing with you! (Boy or girl?).

  12. Alistair · August 16, 2009

    George – Long time no hear from – glad you are still floating around 😉

    Campbell – the envy is ooooooooooooozing! (If you want I can show you how to tie up a proper fly)

    Ian – my boy is 7 months – I was reading your article on fishing with your boy – absolutely lovey – like learning how to fish all over again!

  13. Alex · August 16, 2009

    Cracking session you had Alistair, the trout look to be in great nick too. It’s a wonderful feeling when these impromptu sessions turn into a fish-catching extravaganza. Makes up for the times when it doesn’t quite work out like that!


  14. Dave · August 16, 2009

    Yupper, you can’t complain about a day like that out on the river. Season is coming to an end within the next month here, and teases like this make me NEED to get out there a couple more times before its over for the year!


  15. P.J. · August 16, 2009

    Those are some of the most beautiful trout I’ve ever seen! You should post some of your catches at

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