I wish I was cool like Tom over at Trout Underground who seems to have just about everything made out of bamboo these days. He recently wrote about a bamboo helmet which is the perfect headgear for fly fishing’s legion of “Chuck & Duck Purists.”

I wish I had something else made out of bamboo to go with my four weight. Saying that though, the helmet would come in handy for my new bike….

See you on the road…..possibly!


  1. Kbarton10 · August 29, 2007

    The real reason TC needs the bamboo helmet is because he suffers from chronic low backcast. Nothing quite like a weighted nymph to the back of the head…

  2. Tom Chandler · August 29, 2007

    I don’t need the helmet because I almost never fish weight, though Kbarton10 would like to pretend that I operate on the same lowly plane as he so often does.

    Anyway, get ready for the bamboo onslaught. Pretty soon, everything will be made from the stuff, and I’ll have to move on to steel fly rods to retain any kind of contrarian status…

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