Back in Action!!

So I went along to the Kelvin for a few hours today, its funny I don’t think I ever know how lucky I am having good trout fishing within a fifteen minute walk from my front door. Anyway, I walked up to Dawsholm Park which I see now has a “Friends of Dawsholm Park” sign up. I will need to look into that actually and see what exactly they do, might be worth joining up.
Anyway, fished right upstream until the Vet School where I started picking up the odd fish, eventually I got this beauty of a fish..
I hadn’t brought my net so it gave me a merry dance jumping all over the place before finally bringing it to hand.
I was using my usual olive parachute which I have been tying up a lot of these days..

Found a float on a tree as well, removed it, I am thinking that it belongs to one of the guys that I regularly see float fishing as the rig was quite well made up with a suitable hook. If they want it back and they read this send me a mail and next time I see you I will give you it back.

I also met a rather nice “man of the cloth” working on his Sunday sermon sitting under a tree with his notes. We had a chat about the river, seemingly he goes down most days, and then I left him to it.

All in all a rather nice few hours down the Kelvin, it was nice to be back actually in my old haunts as I feel as if I have not been down much the last wee while what with the weather and the river being in poor condition. One thing I noticed though was that there did not seem to be as many trout rising as normal although that might have just been the conditions today. Possibly if I had stayed longer there would have been a nice evening rise.

Is it my imagination or are there massive amounts of Daddy Long Legs (crane flies) around at the moment?

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  1. tom · September 3, 2005

    And when white moths were on the wing,
    And moth-like stars were flickering out,
    I dropped the berry in a stream
    And caught a little silver trout.

    The Songs of Wandering Aengus – WB Yeats

    Beautiful fish from your river Alistair

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