AXA Home Insurance = Pants

One of the amazing things about the net is that anyone can put anything on it. As long as it’s the truth or in your own opinion then who can stop you. The other good thing is that because of the way in which Google ranks pages eventually this page will come high on the results whenever someone searches for AXA home insurance. My advice to you is to steer well clear of them. Essentially my friend dropped his computer down the stairs….purely by accident…he was moving it from upstairs to downstairs as he has essays due in a couple of weeks and it means that he can work on them when she is in bed. He phoned me and I advised him to phone his insurers>>>>> AXA insurance
They have treated him like some kind of criminal…..wanting him to go into meticulous detail how it happened, and going over it a few times to try and catch him out on any discrepancies. They then wanted him to take the comp to an independent pc shop to get a quote of them to find out how much it would cost to fix as well as to validate his story Now my friend has never once in all the years he has had insurance made a claim….when he complained about all this he was sent from pillar to post with them changing their minds about what was to happen (in fact he was not allowed to make a complaint he had to put his wife on the phone to authorise him to make a complaint….bloody nonsense!!)
Anyway, in the end up he has got to stump up50 pounds to get a quote to fix it and to validate his claim and then another 50 pounds excess for the insurance company. PLUS they treat you like a criminal
You might be sitting their thinking this is all normal but I don’t think so. I think that if you are a damn good customer who has made no claims they should turn around and say “no problem you can have a new computer on Monday” Pathetic service!! I was talking about it to another friend who had made a claim when paint went down the back of his telly……….what happened to him?? new telly monday morning.

AXA insurance = utter pants