Attack of the Rottweilers

So I am just back from the Kelvin – before I tell you about the session I thought I would tell you my experiance with the dogs – I have the best scary dog story to beat anyone now – you see lots of guys down the Kelvin complain about the dogs and dog walker agencies that let the dogs run wild and generally mess up the fishing.

Never again will I complain!

Blissful Calmness

There I was calmly fishing away at a nice riffle, I had noticed some people in the bushes – drinking by the looks of things but I paid them no mind – suddenly I heard a commotion – out of the bushes came five huge Rottweilers running towards me – barking, growling and snarling.

I kid ye not – my life flashed in front of my eyes – this is it – I thought – I am about to be in the papers for all the wrong reasons – I am about to be eaten!

I have no idea what you are supposed to do when this happens – I guess getting down to their level and baring your teeth and growling back is not the thing to do – which is good as I raised my rod so that my fly did not catch one of the beasts and looked at the river with a faint smile on my lips – one of them had its face and jaws so far up my ass I thought it was going for my balls – my penis by this point had retracted into my body – and my heart was racing akin to a cannibals drums when a very fat man has entered the jungle.

Times by 5 - you get the idea!

Back Sabre” –  a chap was shouting.

Release, release Titan” – a women was shouting.

Here Polly” – someone else was calling.

I just stood there – amongst the growling barking pack of hounds that had come straight out of hell.

They were running back to their masters and then running at me again – circling around me – obviously looking for weak spots – If one had started to hump me – by heck I would have let it.

Eventually they were back with there owners – “any broonies mate?” – one called.

Around a dozen witty come backs sprang to mind not least of which was “only in my pants you bastard” however I shook my head and moved on.

Anyway, the fishing – I met one guy who had caught around 20 small trout in the runs I was just about to fish – which is why then I caught bugger all until I moved down the river to some fresh water. There was a tremendous amount of fly life on the water…

Good fly life!

However the trout did not start to respond until after a rather heavy burst of rain – I almost decided to head home however thought I should stick it out until dusk as the rain stopped.

You can see a chap fishing if you look close enough!

First few trout were small ones at only a few ounces – they were leader shy in the slow water and it took a while to get a proper drag free drift – eventually I had to use a very small cdc pattern.

A few ounces..

Still, they were a lot of fun – I found some slow moving deep water and some larger trout were slurping down a mixture of yellow mays and other olives – I did not see any Sedge on the water.

I finally caught a trout that gave a good account of itself – I had been targeting it for a good few minutes however in the failing light it was difficult to get a decent drift – I ended up using one of my standard (giant) comparaduns.

A nice wee Kelvin trout!

It must have been just shy of a quarter of a pound – possibly a smidgen under. As the hatch petered out I managed a few more smaller ones and then another slightly larger one.

Carbon Copy...

Again probably just shy of a quarter of a pound  – I forgot I had my tape measure in my pocket – I kinda wished I had measured them now.

As the light faded instead of the trout becoming more active the action died out – I did see one drunk guy staggering along the path though – I mean really staggering – totally blind drunk – he fell into some bushes and then wandered away – I decided if he was still around when I walked up I would check and make sure he was ok however he was gone.

All in all a lovely session – well, apart from having the shit scared out of me!

I suppose that it is all part of the joys of brownlining the Kelvin.

I think!


  1. Andy C · June 7, 2010

    i need a new rod and reel a set aboot a aligetya the other week .it ran towards me and daviec when we got back fae fishing lastweek i kick it right in the mouth so it didnt get a chance 2 bit me the women that had the dog was calling me all sorts [YOU SHOULD B PUT ON A LEAD LOL]I SAID 2 HER IF YER DOG WAS ON A LEAD IT WOULDNT HAVE HAPPEND .a little scuffle happend she ended up on my back i ended on the pavment way this mad dog and women goin 4 me lol daviec stepd in helpd me get her off me then i cracked i took my rod startd barcking at the dog and women i chased the dog along the street flinging my rod at it so it got the point of not showing its teeth at me again when i get in the house the tip of my rod snapd the reel snaped so im usein daviec reel just now lol

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  3. Stuart B · June 7, 2010

    A can of pepper spray would have been useful ..not sure if that’s legal though …Have these owners lost their brains …do they not realise how other folk perceive their mutts….Alistair -I was waiting for you to say they called out ” It’s O.K. ,he won’t touch you”

  4. Alistair · June 7, 2010

    While blinded and angry with pepper spray they would probably still be able smell my fear – a bloody great stun gun would have been good!

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