Attack Force “Delta Flies”

Look at em’, all standing to attention like soldiers, like a trained fighting force – the elite! Like the SAS – all ready to attack the rivers full force. Just waiting for their orders although in this case it will be an order to land gently possibly several feet away from a rising trout – yes that’s it, very stealthy.
Like Ninjas actually, highly trained Ninjas – that can creep up on a happily feeding trout and then WHAMO a quick photograph and then back in the water. Oh yes, I love my little squadron of fur and feathers. Sometimes I talk to them you know – give the boys a little pep talk before sending them forth into action.

Just Like Soldiers

“Now boys” I will say “I have a task of the utmost importance, a possible suicide mission if you will, there’s a trout rising in front of that rock, I reckon the rod will manage to get you there however there is this damned great big bush behind me which might just cause you to be lost in action”
I try not to leave any of my soldiers behind however when they get stuck in a jaggy bush or on the top of a tree sometimes the old cap must be taken off and a farewell salute made.

However, the young bucks always volunteer..

Almost brings a tear to my eye to leave the blighters in a tree, especially if it the last one of an especially good batch that left the Academy of Vice just recently. Yes, you read that correctly – the Academy of Vice is where all the camouflage is applied to make them the cutting edge fish fighting machines they are.

However, my boys know the score, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and they do it willingly and unselfishly. Launching themselves forth, into the unknown, possibly into the jaws of some mighty leviathan.

Makes me all proud that does – give em’ hell boys, give em’ bloody hell !


  1. Dave · April 10, 2008

    This weather needs to improve quickly before you get sectioned under the mental health act. Had snow here in Cork yesterday and doesn’t look good for the weekend. Hope you get out if only to preserve your sanity.

  2. mike · April 10, 2008

    Wonderful stuff Alistair!

    Quick march..

  3. thebigandyt · April 10, 2008

    just started training my own troops, made a small posse of cats whiskers that i was proud of. gave one to a pal to use and on his first cast he stuck it to the bottom of the lake. Outside i was like ‘sh*t happens’ inside i was wondering how long i could my breath for and would the water be clear enough to see.

  4. Alistair · April 10, 2008

    Dave – to be sectioned and detained under the mental health act there must be some form of treatment – does that mean being forced to fish? If yes then call the GP 🙂

    thebigandyt – you should have made him paddle for it !

  5. George · April 10, 2008

    hiya :o)

    what ir yi on my fine fellow ?? … :o)

    does C know about these feelings u have for … erm, a box of … crack commanos … elite bravo 2 zero

    laters man .. george :o)

  6. Saltcoats - George :o) · April 10, 2008

    Hey Alistair … yi alive or what ??

    I’ve not heard a cheap from you in ages

    Yi’ll never believe it … I actually caught a rainbow the other day … ON A BLACK PENNEL ! .. I was getting a wee bit fed up pullin those boobies and blobs .. so decided to swap over lines .. put on the floater and a Black Pennel … it took a 2lb 13oz trout :o) … suffice to say .. the way ahead is to do more on the real flies … and I might just push the boat out and get the dries out there too ….

    It might have been an epiphany .. the realisation that not all fish like the booby … I cant see the problem … liking the b@@bies myself :o)

    Well, better go .. at work on my lunch

    All the best, hello to ” the old ball n chain ”

    George :o)

  7. Alistair · April 10, 2008

    Hey George, thanks for stopping by – we will get you catching on dry flies next 😉

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