Attack Delta Force – ATTACK!

So the first wave was sent forth – first was a tributory of the Kelvin – which proved to be fruitless after a few casts. The company of soldiers was then transported to the Kelvin – first a dry and dropper combination which yielded nothing – and then I seen that which only the riff raff have seen over the last week – rising trout – to large dark olives. I retired the nymph and left on a comparadun – it was ignored by the trout – sneakily I tied on a scruffy olive dry of my own creation, gave it a stern pep talk “on your way my laddie”

Scruffy Olive

I had tied these up last night after using them pretty much all last season on spooky trout. My heart beat fast at the campaign I was sending my olive commando into – still no joy – the trout were ignoring my fly. There was trout rising below me, I attempted a tricky downstream drift,

Downstream Drift

…first pass and the trout was on. “Ya Beauty” I murmured, not shouting as that would have put the fish down. Another frantic 45 mins followed catching several more and losing just as many. There is something special about your first trout to the dry of the season.

Trout To the Dry 2008

I wont lie – I am glad it was from the Kelvin – I feel I have been neglecting it of late.


  1. Paul · April 11, 2008

    Well done Alistair when i caught my very first Kelvin Brownie it was on a wee black spider ,but i`m currently trying to find sum good sites for tying dries (one with step by step pictures preferably) any advice on this.

    btw i`m planning an early morning attack on the Kelvin 2morrow hopefully be on the water for around 8a.m at the latest feel free to join me if your not too busy.

  2. Alistair · April 11, 2008

    Hey Paul – I will be at the gym at that time in the morning. I was thinking about going down in the afternoon again (you will normally see olives coming off around 12-4) however one of my pals is visiting me so I will probably head to the canal for a couple of casts after the Pike.

    For some great step by steps you should check out the forums that I visit……

    and everyone who fishes for wild trout in scotland should sign up to:

    whereabouts do you reckon you will try ?

  3. Paul · April 11, 2008

    not too sure maybe the science park area or the vet college

  4. Jim Burns · April 11, 2008

    Hi Alistiar
    Past you on Temple Rd today Audi looks great I was on my way to take my mother out but was so tempted to turn round and join you down at Kelvin as my gear was as usual in the boot of my car. Your flies look good I am hoping to use dry flies more this season and give the spiders and nymphs a rest. Due to the weather and work that first trout of the season is still to be caught.

  5. Alistair · April 11, 2008

    Hey Jim – when we meet up on the river remind me to give you a few of the regular ones I use as examples for you 🙂

    Looks like more olive weather over the weekend…..sunshine and showers. I will be fishing Sunday possibly!

  6. Alistair · April 11, 2008

    Oh, I should point out the scruffy olive is a dry not a nymph.

  7. robert · April 11, 2008

    hi there, i bought a permit for the kelvin last year and never got round to using it. the reason being that i decided to walk the length of the river to,”Check it out”. i was dissapointed to see a crowd of “Hoodie” types using all manner of tackle and drugs/booze and abusive language to passers by including myself .that put me off.i have a partial disability and dont drive so finding a decent place to cast a fly is even more of a problem. i was a member of a wee fishing club in greenock,(although i live in glasgow) but getting up there to fish for the nicest wee wild brown trout you could find anywhere is not so easy at my age and state of health. i,d love to try the kelvin,its probably the only option ive got, but surely the club needs to get its act together,ie. poaching, signs,catch and size limits, and just general all round improvement.

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