Ari T Hart – for those that can afford them ?

Now, I quite like a bit of angling jewelry but this I think just goes that wee step over the line into sheer extravagance.These reels are hand carved from space age material and the website states “for those that can afford them” without giving an actual price.


I pretty much know I cannot afford them, can you? Would you want to?

Check out the site here.


I really enjoy reading your comments - say something!

  1. Frank · March 8, 2007

    If life was that good!
    No, I’m afraid if any of us are looking to buy an ATH reel, we’ll have to bend over….some more than other guys. So far I have been very very lucky at buying these reels at unbelievable prices in mint or new condition, just takes patience. I just received the ATH S2
    I just purchased off Ebay… was never taken out of the box, honest!….didn’t have to been over for this one.

  2. Alistair · March 8, 2007

    Lucky Man Frank after Rogers advice – the good thing is that you know exactly what you are looking for and would spot a fake !

  3. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Very good:)!!
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Alistair · March 8, 2007

    Have a good one Frank – on the subject of expensive things I just bought the wife 60 quid smelly water – money well spent ?

  5. Frank · March 8, 2007

    No sure what it means Alistair….but it has to be good if it’s for the wife of a fly fisherman!
    We think alike. So when my wife said she didn’t know what to buy me for Christmas this year, I couldn’t get the ATH out fast enough.
    Life is good, isn’t it 🙂

  6. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Hi Jim,
    I’m emailed you a couple of web sites here in the US that might (or could) have an F1 Traun for sale. Jeff Bowen is the greatest source for service on all my ATH’s…he knows these reels inside-out.
    I would hope that Jeff would continue to service even the new line of ATH reels. I wouldn’t trust any other person to work on my reels then Jeff, he is that good. The other source has sold ATH’s in the past but he’s been turned off by ATH reels
    for some reason, go figure. I know your itching to buy an F1, but be patient….I’m sure we’ll find one for you soon, and at a reasonable price too.

  7. Jim · March 8, 2007

    If your wifes happy and it puts you in the Christmas cool book it always money well spent.

    Thanks, I just checked my mail. I have time… if it takes months I can wait.. I’d rather not but hey! we can’t have everything we want.

  8. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Jim,who is making your cane rod?

  9. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Can you give us ATH collectors any information on how to tell a real ATH from a fake? I’m sure there must be something that Ari is seeing in the manufacturing that tells him it’s the reel is a fake.
    How about telling us loyal supporters of ATH reels
    the secret on how to tell if what we’re looking at is
    real or a fake.

  10. Roger Balm · March 8, 2007

    Hi Frank,

    As far as the older models, it may be a little tough. The reality is that all our reels are still made in the same facility as the old ones. We don’t know how many of the old ones were made in total or where the copies come from. All I can tell you is I would be a bit cautious buying a brand new real from a shop that has never been a retailer or an individual that has a brand new in box model. They haven’t been made for several years now. I will try to get some info from Ari to help you out further. Have you checked out the Astrid reel that will be available at the end of the month? I know our reels are pricey as we only produce 100 t0 200 reels but I do enjoy feedback on look, color etc. BTW it is “only” $1799 US including reel seat.

  11. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Hello Roger,
    Hey, thanks for the info and I do have my eye on the ASTRID too!
    The only problem I have right now is my daughters wedding I have to pay for$$$…..which has to be paid for first before
    I can even look at another ATH reel.
    I would greatly appreciate any info you can get out of Ari on what I should be looking for to identify the fake reel from the original.
    I’m always spectacle about Ebay and try my best to be very careful when I do find purchase one. I just recently purchased a “new in box with case” ATH S2
    reel off ebay from a seller with 99.9% rating. When the reel arrived I was very pleased to see that the reel was a new ATH S2 reel. If the reel is a fake, I surely
    can’t tell if it is, and probably the seller couldn’t either, the quality is that good. I compared the manufacturing to my other ATH reels, one that I
    actually purchased, in person from Ari many years ago. So you can see why I would be very interested to know what to look for in a fake reel.
    I purchase another used, but in mint condition, ATH F1 Traun from a seller in Germany off Ebay. The day it came arrived, I sent the reel to Jeff Bowen who was the U.S. distributor
    for ATH many years. Jeff fixed a little drag problem I noticed on the reel and never indicated to me that the reel was fake, and Jeff has worked on many ATH reels over the years so
    if he saw something, he would of said something. Please speak to Ari for me and see if he could give me some info on how to tell…fake or original.
    I hope your venture with Ari is a successful one and look forward to other ATH reels to be introduced in the comming years with Exclusive Reels.

  12. Brian · March 8, 2007

    Ari T Hart F1 Traun for sale on ebay now

  13. Jim · March 8, 2007

    Shhhh!!!! HaHa

    Saw it yesterday, theres been a couple of different Ari reels on US and UK ebay this last week.


  14. Johnny · March 8, 2007

    Just stumbled across this thread and spotted that second photo. Its actually my Steelfin Spectra, not a Hart, on one of the first rods I built! Also it only cost me about £100


  15. Alistair · March 8, 2007

    Good grief- are you sure – If I remember correctly I got those pictures from the old arti hart web site (i could be wrong though)

    Does that mean Johnny that you designed the second reel ?

  16. Johnny · March 8, 2007

    I think you must have found the pics in a thread i posted on Hart reels a couple of years ago in another forum!

    I wish I had designed the reel but credit is to the Steelfin company, which is unfortunately not operating any more. Hence a few bargains to be had at

    here are a couple more pics of the Steelfin:

    and heres a pic of the most ambitious Ari T Hart I’ve ever seen!:

    Hope the pics work

  17. Roger Balm · March 8, 2007

    A little heads up for you guys, we will be releasing the new ER series starting with the ERV at the end of august. Ready for this one, retail is $549. Unlike many others, we will make the product here in Canada and all is genuine Ari ‘t Hart design and made to the best standards and practises possible. The drag is as smooth as can be!

  18. Alistair · March 8, 2007

    I am assuming mine is in the post 😉

    All joking aside – that reel looks realy sweet..
    How light is it ?

  19. Dutch · March 8, 2007

    Hello everybody, we have launched our production line at last! you can find all the specs and pictures off the new Ari ‘t Hart reel on:


  20. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Interesting, another ATH reel hits the market.
    The price seams in reach and is competitive with other quality reels prices.
    The question is, does the new reel stand up with past ATH models like the F series which
    has the best drag I’ve ever seen on any fly reel. Time will tell as the new reel is fished hard
    and reviews hit the web forms. I’m interested to see how the reel performs in the field.
    Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  21. Jim · March 8, 2007

    I had a look at the website yesterday… nice..
    What’ll that be in UK money? .. About £320??
    At US Dollar prices that’s a bit cheaper than an Abel Super 5, $100ish dearer than both the Lamson ULA F2X and Sage 4550 and $200 dearer than a Galvin Torque. Tough company though I’m guessing the Abel is the one it’s most likely competing against.

    It’s a beautiful reel and I hope you do really well with it.

  22. Mark Hamnett · March 8, 2007

    I have two samples in customs at the moment and will be showing them at the Tackle & Guns Show next weekend – we will be bringing them in for the new season and I will see if we can get one into Alistair’s hands so that he can review it for all to see – the 5/6 weight reel weighs 178gm

  23. Alistair · March 8, 2007

    #ears prick up#

    What’s that? a fancy bit of jewellery to review?

  24. Larry · March 8, 2007

    I have a very nice Ari t’Hart F1 Traun with the original case that I might sell. I am absolutely, positively sure it’s authentic – I bought it a few years back in the Netherlands!
    It’s 100% functional. It is currently spooled with WF3 line and is set up for right hand wind.
    Let me know if you’re interested in it – I can send pictures on request.

  25. dan in east TN · March 8, 2007

    How does one tell a real F1 from a fake?

  26. Ben · March 8, 2007
  27. Roger Balm · March 8, 2007

    We just released the new Remco 5oth Anniversary Edition, handmade by Ari! Only 40 made.

  28. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Hi Roger,
    I see that Ari re-introduced the “F series” fly reel….why?
    The original F series reels were introduced over 25 years ago…and was by far the best of Ari’s reel designs.
    All of my F series reels are still in use….why should I buy a new F series reel and what makes these new reels
    better than the original F series design?…..and why no pictures showing the front view of the spools…seams very odd.


  29. Roger · March 8, 2007

    Hi Frank,

    the main reason is that we and Ari have always been great fans of the F-series and it seemed fitting after 25 years to bring back a reel requested most often by collectors, short from the Remco ofcourse.

    As you mentioned, your F-Series reels still work great but other fisherman deserve the opportunity to own a solid performing reel as well, thus the new F-Series.

    The images on the website are not complete as much more content will be added over time. As well as more products.

    Happy to hear you still love your reels.

  30. Frank · March 8, 2007

    Ahhhhhh….. how selfish of me!
    If your going to reintroduce one of Ari’s classic reels for others to enjoy…then the F series would be the one.
    Where are the reels being manufactured and assembled?
    I just wished Ari would have kept the original vented spool design instead of the new spool vent design, personal choice only.
    Please be sure to show pictures the reel without the spool, I’d like to see the drag system that is used on it.
    Good luck with the new reels…if they are as good as the original F series and reasonably price…it should do very well.

  31. Roger · March 8, 2007

    They are made in Holland.

    Not a worry, personal preference is huge in selecting a reel. The drag is very similar to the old F series with a couple of very minor adjustments to prevent wear.

  32. Frank · March 8, 2007

    That’s a relief…you never know if a reel is made in China or not unless you ask.
    Who will be doing the serving on the reels here in the U.S.A?
    Will the new series ever be available in black like the old series?

  33. Ann · March 8, 2007

    I have a used Ari T’ Hart S0 reel, which was my deceased husband’s, which I am considering selling. Your assistance in determining the approximate value would be appreciated.

  34. David R Voyles · March 8, 2007

    I have a Hart F1 Traun, serial #0438 with the original soft leather pouch That I’d like to sell. I bought it used probably 12 years ago and it is in very good condition.

  35. David R Voyles · March 8, 2007

    I have the original box for the F1 referenced above also. Looking for offers. I can send pictures to anyone interested.


  36. Dick Leir · March 8, 2007

    Where can I get good price information on an ATH Remco and a F1 Traun?

  37. nigel · March 8, 2007

    i have around 50 new boxed ari reels are you trying to tell me these are all fake lol, i have never seen a fake but know someone has been a naughty boy and duplicating certain numbers of ari reels. there are fake grease watches out there but if you come across a fake reel you will be lucky lol.