April 1st gag on FlyFish Magazine ?

Hang on a moment – I was re-reading my favourite blogs and came across this post on the most excellent FlyFish Magazine  Classic !

I notice that no other bloggers in my little genre decided to try and pull the wool over anyones eyes, I did not even blog but waited until the next day to post a report. I checked out Opax who gave us all a non progress report for his new fly rod project – was that a joke ? what the heck I enjoyed it anyway !

There was no such tomfoolery over at Trout Underground for April 1st – it was hard facts

 I’m dragging together the usual outsized pile of gear for a today’s trip, so my report on Saturday’s outing will be brief.

 …with a lovely picture of a March Brown Comparadun. Did you tie that up Tom ? psst you know we could arrange a little bloggers fly swap !

He ends with:

I could write a lot more, but I’d rather go fishing instead. Hope you understand.

We do Tom, we do !

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  1. Murdock · April 2, 2007

    Yep Alistair all the posts tagged April 1st are gags. Glad you liked it.

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