Anyone fancy a spot of indoor fishing?

I am the first one to admit I am a bit of a pussy don’t like the cold and am more inclined to turn to the fly tying vice instead of the riverbank when there is a howling gale outside. However, I reckon I would take the cold and howling gale instead of doing a spot of indoor fishing.

indoor fishing

This indoor fishery is located at Ouldleusen, near Dalfsen in the Netherlands. With all the good Pike fishing over there I would reckon this sort of thing would not be needed – go on own up who would go?

Check it out


  1. This is a good concept, deserving the well deserved title of “FISHING HELL!”

    The only thing missing is stadium seating, hot pie vendors and bovril!


  2. I would go, but only if they allowed me to fish static bait on my 12 foot beachcaster and drink buckie.

    This kind of thing is only a natural progression from the fake fishing practiced on so many stillwaters. I guarantee people would turn up in droves. The kind of lazy neds who poach the Kelvin would love it, though they would hate paying for it.

  3. This is for people with no soul, no sense of the world around them and very little imagination. Its fishing stripped of all the things that you enjoy when you are not actually catching fish, the countryside, the wildlife, the breeze or here in Ireland the howling gale in your face but it’s what makes it all worthwhile when you do actually catch something. All that’s missing from that place are televisions around the walls so you dont even have to look at the water. Why don’t these people just go straight to the fishmongers and cut out the actual fishing altogether.

  4. u could take ur swimming trunks with u and do a few breast strokes or as may as u like because there will b plenty of tits there

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