Another lovely fish and fly tying!!

So last night I went fishing with friend and his pal to the same place we went a few weeks ago. It was a hot hot heat humid night and we got there about 4.30pm ish. It was quite interesting actually as both the people I was fishing with are Italian. They are heading off to Montana to fish the Madison the lucky old so and sos :). One of the guys had flown over from Italy, stepped off the plane and litterally got his stuff together to have a spot of river fishing before getting the plane out again tommorow to the US.
Anyway, Emanuele as usuall got himself into the first few fish…
eman playing fish
but then I noticed a couple of fish rising in a little eddy that had been created. I cast and cast …..was refused a coupl of times and then pricked one that put it down. Then quick as a flash the second fish took. A fantastic fish……well over the pound mark….a wild brownie caught on my own tied fly…im still getting a buzz out of that fact. I tried to play the fish hard but it kept darting around weeds and rocks so did not take a photo……it was allso hooked quite deep so I took a few more seconds than normal getting the hook out….this all added up to the fact that i wanted to get the fish recovering as fast as possible rather than photo opportunities. I missed a few more fish after that but i was happy after my biggy 🙂
It got to about 8pm and then the rain started…..this was the night by the way with the big thunderstorms. It had been threatening all day and we could hear thunder rumbling away all evening. When there was massive flash of lightning across the sky we thought it best to retreat to the car as there is something about standing in a storm waving a highly conductable pole that made us all feel kinda….uneasy!!

So I bought some nice fly tying materials off ebay as well………Ive been experimenting with different coloured bodies and using a badger hackle . I bought some other masks….coyote, silver fox and another but the name goes away from me..
Anyway, nice for dubbing and for wings as well…… I doubt I will get a chance to do some serious tying though in the next wee while.
I was allso sent some glow in the dark poly yarn “stuff”. I checked it and it does glow in the dark……I didnt order it , they gave me it as i had bought a pile of stuff off them which was nice. Anyway, it got me thinking about last week when i stayed late on the kelvin untill eventually i couldnt see my fly….I wonder what would happen if i used a little of this stuff in the dubbing of the body or even as part of the wing………what a ridiculous idea….Im still going to try it though…..oooOOOOooooh a gimmic…you gotta love em’

I allso bought a rather massive ammount of deer hair
deer hair
By my calculations I now have enough dubbing and deer hair for around 4897 flies. Nah only kidding but A LOT anyway!! Still tring to work out how to make deer hair wings…I will post my failures for a laugh.

I was considering heading along to the kelvin tonight but have uni work to polish off……im not going to kid myself on that i can finish it off early iether. Next time i will get down will be Friday morning. Although if i can fish when im half drunk I will head down tommorow evening for a few hours…i will be celebrating the handing in of my essays tommorow!!!

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  1. jason · August 4, 2004

    Alistair, this is a bit off topic (Ok, a lot off topic), but my dad, Al over at Bigholetrout was wondering about some fly patterns for catching carp. I know that fly fishing for carp is rather popular in Europe and since you’re the only European I know… Would you mind going over to his site and commenting on the subject of catching carp on flies? Thanks a million.

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