Anglers Book of the Clyde?

Well this book snuck up on Clyde fishers everywhere – it seems to have slipped on the scene without any kind of fanfair at all – I suppose it is a fly tying book so does not get the same treatment as say….Harry Potter but still #grin#

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It is of course out of stock on Amazon already so am sure it will go the way of every other book on the mighty Clyde – totally disappear and become hideously expensive. Seeing as how there is no info on Amazon about what the book actually is I should tell you I believe it is a fly tying book – it details flies for the Clyde and entomology aspects of the river.

Maybe one day I will write one for the Kelvin – “Crisp Packets n’ The Kelvin – an insiders view of the gossip, scandal and inner-workings of an inner city fishing club”

Worth £25?


  1. StephenM · June 24, 2011

    How many volumes do you think the Kelvin book would run to….

  2. Alistair · June 24, 2011

    A few – dirty ones!

  3. Ian Creamer · June 24, 2011

    I have only been fishing for a few years and after several failed attempts to tye my own flies. I was really struggling with the methods and materials used to tye flies but after i got reading this fascinating book i feel i have been catapulted 10 years in ahead of my time and am i now able to tye flies adequate and to a very high standard. So much so that I took my very 1st fish on self made Blue Hen Spider. This book is bursting with vital information for example it tells you which flies to use i.e. dry, wet or night. and what condition best suits. The Book always has lots of very funny stories from the author as well as how to dye materials etc. This book in my view has been executed to perfection and it is over 250 pages long has over 400 dressings with a depth of knowledge vital to any Fly Fisherman Young or Old, Experience or Inexperience. At £25 this book is a absolute steal.

  4. Alistair · June 24, 2011

    Nice try James Milne!

    Send me a copy to review and then we can talk 🙂

  5. Ross McGregor · June 24, 2011


    Alistair, i think you should maybe purchase the book and have a wee look yourself, its an excellent book. Every time i look at this forum your slating it. Yeah nobody has heard of the author or the book but as i said previously its and excellent book. I purchased mine at the ArranView Fishery. Buy book and then review it.

  6. Alistair · June 24, 2011

    Hang on a minute – who said I was slating it?

    Quite the opposite – I am telling folk there is a book out and where to buy it – also because of the post one person has bought it!

    The comment about not knowing who wrote it is firmly tongue in cheek – I also am not a fan of evil cows by the Clyde …long story!

    Hope that clears that up 🙂

  7. Ross McGregor · June 24, 2011

    Hi Alistair,

    Evil Cows? I owe an apology. Am sorry for that previous comment. It sounded like you werent giving the book a chance. I picked you up wrong so am sorry.
    All the best

  8. Alistair · June 24, 2011

    No problem Ross – sometimes I forget new readers do not know what came before!

    Do you know the chap that wrote it?

  9. Ross McGregor · June 24, 2011

    Hi Alistair,

    I dont know him that well, he sometimes fishes down at Arran View Fishery were me and my father in law to be, fish( who is the chap you left the review above Ian Creamer). The author is a nice chap he was even nice enough to sign mine and Ians book. Have you fished Arran View Fishery?

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