1. Stuart B · December 10, 2008

    I recognised the Gas thingy so knew it was Dawsholm . What’s that platform for on the riverside in Pic 5 …is it for fishing from?

    I was trying to “Pause” the pics but couldn’t see how to do it until I found if you hold you mouse over ” Olympus Digital Camera” and “left clicked” that worked .

  2. Alistair · December 10, 2008

    It is used for mooring boats along the canal – they do make good casting platforms though and I generally pick up pike that sit underneath them !

  3. Billy · December 10, 2008

    Thanks Alistair

    Those pics brought back many walking memories for me. I used to spend many an hour “prayer walking” up and down the old “Kellie” pathways, coming to important life decisions. One of those decisions brought here here to Indianapolis. I was especially touched by your inclusion of a 2007 model T shopping trolly. That almost brought floods of nostalgic tears to my eyes!!

  4. Fishing Jones · December 10, 2008

    Sweet shopping cart. The model for your logo?

  5. Alistair · December 10, 2008

    Billy – you have hit the nail on the head when it comes to spiritual walks along the Kelvin – the place is a haven of peace just mins away from the hub bub of the city – although usually people end up in Curlers rather than Indianapolis! Any good fishing out you way?

    Fishing Jones – when I was thinking of a logo for the site there was ever only one choice – well two however I could not get a logo of a burnt out car!

  6. Sam · December 10, 2008

    Hi Alistair.

    Great web sight and I have enjoyed browsing through it these past few days. I am originally from Ardrossan now married and living in Singapore. Enjoyed viewing the pictures, only glad though I can’t feel the cold.
    All the best to you and the family for 2009.

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