Allander, browness, sunshine n’ weather forecasting

I see the weather forecasting has gone totally haywire again, I was going to head down to the kelvin tommorow for a few hours with some friends and thought i would check the weather. One says rain high temp no wind , the other says thunder/lightening and gales….check em out….BBC and Teletext in my links.
So yestarday was boiling, I went to check out the kelvin as last night might have had a nice spinner fall with all insect life that is being swirled up with the heat at dusk. Alas it was a brown mess….it seems to be spending a lot more time like that this year…its the changeable weather that is doing it.
So I went along the Allander instead..
allander peaty
The water was slightly peaty at the part through Milngavie…..damn near impossible to fish with the fly although upstream worming might be possible. It was allso needing some water to bring any fish in and to actually make it fishable
needing water allander
Still, it was a nice walk! Milngavie has certailnly changed a lot since the last time i visited….I used to work in the supermarker when it was the “William Low” chain of stores…shut down years ago.
Th eother night I tied up some “Amber Spinners” and am gagging to try them out.
amber spinner
Mine look nothing like that however…a lot more basic, i will put a photee up later maybe. Mine is more sparsly dressed …