AGM 2006

So the AGM actually went quite well. Firstly I though that absolutely no one was going to speak up but then someone did….and you know…what they said made perfect sense! After last seasons “extension of the salmon season” proposal, some guys proposed that for the last month of the season it should be mandatory catch and release on all salmon. It was voted on and agreed. Sometimes though I just feel as if though that no one wants to speak out at these things and that’s why there was no counter proposal though but hey at least its through!

The argument was that yes, the river is improving but in a few years it might be back to square one if people keep on killing salmon.

What else, oh yea, another two youngsters on the committee and as usuall I won bugger all in the raffle.

Outside someone asked if the River Kelvin club had a website and someone said this was it. In fact this is not the club website, this is my website and even though I am on the committee for the club it means I can still say whatever the hell I want on my own website. You get my drift?


  1. Kevin · January 29, 2006

    Does this mean to say that the salmon season on the Kelvin will run until November 31st…if so when will this take effect..2006 or 2007 ???


  2. Alistair · January 29, 2006


    It will be this year it is starting although it does not say it on the permits so I would expect a little leeway for those that do not know, saying that now that you do know you now have no excuse.

    The season will still continue but it will be catch and release only.

  3. Peter · January 29, 2006

    I couldn`t make the AGM (an emergency at work).I can`t see
    the point of extending the season even if it`s catch & release.
    There will be those who will still fish for anything that moves,
    be it salmon or brownies.The close is there for a reason and there are
    plenty of fisheries open all year round.
    On the subject of catch & release, will it be barbless hooks or
    at least semi?,or just a lottery as to whether the fish survive?.Then we
    have the poser of how to enforce catch & release.Should be quite an
    interesting end to the coming season.

  4. Alistair · January 29, 2006

    Ho Peter, the season is not being extended at all, maybe I was being a bit muddly there. It will be the same season dates and for the last month it shall be catch and release 🙂


  5. Alan Atkins · January 29, 2006

    This is all very well in theory.However, it all sounds a bit piecemeal to me .Without proper covwerage by baliffs how on earth will thisn be enforced. I have fished the Kelvibn for the last 4 seasons and have been asked for my permit twice. The club will have to ensure that well trained responsible baliffs are on the river every day of the l;ast month of the season, and that they will have the correct powers of enforcement to ensure that no salmon are taken. This rule should also include using only one treble hook on any lure and probably a ban on fishing the worm, as fish are often allowed to take the bait and run before the hook is set, resulting in adeeply hooked fish that is unlikely to recover.Also, a ban on fishing both the Allander mouth and the tributary itself would help.I fish the North and South Esks where it is mandatory catch and release until June the 1st eacgh year to protect the spring stocks. I think that this decision made by the club at the AGM was a tad hasty. Do9 we really know when the runs of salmon are on the Kelvin ?? I have heard of fish being caught in February, so catcha dn release earlier in the season may be the way ahead. I just think that proper research should have been done before this decision qwas made. I do , however , welcome it , but feel for the poor sods who will have to try to enforce it.Why not introduce a tagging system. I just bought my season ticket for the Teith, and with my permit got given 5 tags. This means that i can kill 5 salmon for the whole season.After that i must catcha\ dn release, and if caught with a dead salmon without a tag i will loose my permit and will not be alloowed to apply for one the following season. If we are to look seriously at salmon on the kelvin, we must take a holistic approach to catcha nd release ,stocking with brood stock and responsible balliffs with real powers of prosecution. Thats the rant over for now !!

  6. Alex · January 29, 2006

    Hey guys

    Yes the AGM was indeed a useful excercise, however we have missed out one very important point:

    The catch and release policy is for ALL MIGRATORY FISH. This will be enforced during the last month of the season, as previously intimated.

    Alan, I agree with your points about enforcing the rules and the use of worms and treble hooks. If we are to c&r then we should be giving fish a decend chance of survival. However, given the limited resources of the club this would be difficult to enforce. I think it would help in the meantime if signs were put up at regular intervals along the riverbank stating the club rules.

    That’s my penny’s worth!!!


  7. Alistair · January 29, 2006

    Oops a daisy, I forgot to mention that thing about migratory fish…..yup the catch and release policy stands for Sea Trout as well 🙂

    Alex, now that you are on the commitee that is something to bring up……Alan all good points….you should phone Dougie and put them to him…if you like I can tell you his number (or it is on the permit) he will talk the face off you with his ramblings but he does listen to what people say! better still come and join the comitee….all it takes is 6 meetings a year !


  8. Alfredo Arendar · January 29, 2006

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  9. Lee Rees · January 29, 2006

    Hi, is there anywhere I can see a map of where I can fish, for instance, kelvingrove park etc?

  10. Alistair · January 29, 2006

    Are you not from Glasgow ?

  11. Maria Isabel Rojas Lalin · January 29, 2006

    Fredy….desde cuando te dedicas a esto?….despues del fiasco del Instituto?…pienso que esto es mas interesante, mas lucrativo y con menos problemas….vos sos el que va con las personas o tenes guias….me interesa saber como funciona esto….ya que tenemos intereses en viajar a la Patagonia…espero tu respuesta lo antes posible……

    Maria Isabel Rojas Lalin

  12. Alistair · January 29, 2006

    Hi Maria – the only thing I understood was patagonia 🙂

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