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  1. Thorney · February 15, 2005

    Me again, I got sompin to say about most everything, it seems.

    I have found an answer to the problem posted by the author of the Love struck angler. Foolproof. My cardiologist told me that I am living with too much stress, you see, I don’t have a job, and things are pretty dicey, what with a mortgage (you see the root “mort” in that word, that’s from the Latin mort; means dead…) and a kid in college, lotsa stress.

    So the cardiologist says “you need a spritual pursuit” or something like that, like you have to engage in some spirtual activity, and he says “I don’t mean picking the shortest mass on Sunday and calling that a spirtual pursuit”

    So I says, “I got one, doc, flyfishing for trout” and it is, damn it. Relieves all kinds of stress. So when I told my wife, it gave me a fishin’ license at home, a license to go whenever I want: “My cardiologist said…”

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