Action Stations: Dry Fly Attacks

So there was a definite three pronged approach to the Kelvin today. Alex was fishing his favourite stretch, Mike was fishing up at his end of the Kelvin and I decided to have a bash at one of the tributaries. It has been a windy, showery day and it has been raining on and off the last few days. The Kelvin itself is a bit higher than usual and has a slight colour to it. It did not stop Alex pulling out this monster to the dry fly.
My little tributary was at a nice height with just a touch of colour.
There were plenty of terrestrials getting blown onto the water but my little Klinkhammer did the damage as normal.
nice troot
I only fished for a couple of hours before the wind made it not much fun to cast any more. It suddenly struck me today whilst I was fishing that the season has well and truly started, it feels as if the Kelvin fishers have been waiting ages for it to get in full swing. It won’t be long until it shall be nice evenings with a spot of dry fly action.
Anyway, once I caught this lovely looking trout I decided to truly call it a day, there is no point in souring a nice session.


  1. Elaine and Lisa Woo · May 28, 2006

    Sexy trout guys! Keep up the good work!!

    from Elaine and Lisa

  2. Alistair · May 28, 2006

    SEE, SEE…I have been saying it for years, I knew it….at last WOMEN think waders and waistcoats are sexy….and people thought I was mad

    Mwa Ha Ha Ha !!!

  3. Alex · May 28, 2006

    Good point.

    I frequently find myself beating off hoardes of fanatical wader-worshipping beauties when I am wearing my sexy fishing clobber.

    Forgot to mention, down the Kelvin yesterday I saw a…….KINGFISHER!!!!! not the first time I’ve seen them there either.

  4. Emanuele · May 28, 2006

    i think the ladies meant the trout…..
    ….”Sexy trout guys!”….
    you wish they said …”Sexy guys!”…instead
    just kidding you on…

    yesterday after catching the 13incher just before you called …I was not able to raise the other trout still rising on the same pool….
    all in all if felt great to be out again

    and yes to catch that fish i had to go smaller …black…and CDC….


  5. Alistair · May 28, 2006

    I might have known :/

  6. Alan Atkins · May 28, 2006

    I was out on the Kelvin last night and finally the river has come to life. There was a good hatch of yelloow mays bu the fish did not want my yellow cdc, i switched to the old faithful walkers mayufly nymph and missed 3 fish before landing a cracker of over 1lb. i had another 2 of about 6 ounces before calling it a night at 9.30. The fish seeemed to go off the fee st about 9′;ish. I think that the season is really just beginning now andn as long as we don’t get a summer drought we should be in for a good one. I might even try a dry fly Alistair this season you never know !!!

  7. Alistair · May 28, 2006

    I think I left just as all the action was happening as someone else mailed me to say they had a good night.

    We will get you on the dry fly Alan, I have now turned Alex from the nymph !!

  8. Aaln Atkins · May 28, 2006

    I have had a couple on the Avon this year on the dry olive but i always seem to miss them, either lifting too early or too late. I did manage to rise quite a few though. When are you planning a cast this week ? I am away sea trouting tonight on the teith and then hopefully a cast on the Kelvin or Avon over the weekend. If you are going out drop me aline via the e- mail or through this site. The Avon has been fishing well with a couple of big trout i the 2/3 lb range caught this month, and the sea trout are in !! The lure of the nymph is still strong in me !!!

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