Aah the memories!!

All this talk about Pike and the canal made me hunt through my old photos. Here is one of the first fish I ever caught in the canal. A little perch whilst spinning. I remmeber this photo getting taken, there was a thunder and lightening storm going down and as soon as it started the Pike and Perch went crazy and we caught a fair old few. The pictures are poor quality as I took digital pics of them……all high tech thats me!!
wee perch
I took my other half fishing a few years ago (a good few years ago……I had long hair). We went Pike fishing to a litte stretch of the Endrick that I know of that has lots of them.
“oh yes my dear, I shall show you how to fish” learn from an experto I said.
I caught bugger all and she caught a good few.
claire and a pike

The second one she caught was even bigger….
big pike

After that I got in a strop and wouldnt take anymore photos.