A Well Managed River…

I had my first session on the White Cart last week.

Well, it was really my second session; my first session lasted around an hour so I don’t think it counted. It was a hot day when Alex (who also joined the club for some sweet small stream action) and there was not much water in the river. We caught no big trout but certainly lots of small trout all to the dry fly – it was all most enjoyable.

One think we discussed is how well looked after this little river is. I am not talking about manicured lawns or anything but more the amount of work that has went into trout habitat and tree planting and pruning. Something else that impressed me was the signs that had been put up stating the fishing was managed by the Walton Angling Club.

In the space of a few hundred yards we counted around 4 signs making it perfectly clear who managed the water.

River Kelvin Angling Association Take Note

This I think is something the River Kelvin Angling Association should do and for the life of me I have no idea why not. As you know I am a member of the committee for the club and in the past have asked for some signs to be put up at various points along the river bank. This would raise awareness of the club to potential permit buyers as well as give the club that little extra credibility. As it is I would say the majority of people who fish the Kelvin do not have permits. The “bailiff” (who is not an actual bailiff just a club appointed official with no real powers) states there is not a poaching problem and the signs would be ripped down anyway. Seems a bit of a defeatist if you ask me! If it is a problem with the local council maybe not wanting signs put up in the parks etc I would suggest contacting a local councillor who love being connected to groups that potentially will vote for them. The local media would probably pick up on something like that as well.

As for work parties on the Kelvin – they are non existent. I suggested contacting the Wild Trout Trust for some expert advice on improving trout habitat but this it seems has been forgotten about. I think some work on trout habitat is the least the Kelvin deserves!

Other Days…

Anyway, I digress; I had a lovely time fishing the White Cart and am looking forward to attacking it full force once it gets some water in it. I have had some other days fishing – the other day I went to my other favorite spot of river and had a bonanza of a day – sadly no photos as I left my camera (and my flies for that matter) in my waistcoat which was annoyingly left on a kitchen chair at home. As it is I coped with some spare flies in a box I found in a bag as well as a box full that Alex gave me. We both caught trout consistently all day – I caught three out of the dozen or so that really stood out. The first was when we arrived at the river and with my second cast hooked into a lovely trout on the dry fly at around the pound mark. The second was when I was fishing a bit of flat water and what seemed like a very small trout rising turned out to be another trout at around a pound. The third trout was caught after we we relaxing in front of some turbulent water laughing about the scene in “A River Runs Through It” when the angler has to rush down the pool after a trout that is taking out line. Well, I went to the pool and cast a little F fly and a torpedo of a trout rushed up, took it and then proceeded to bolt down into the next pool with me hot in pursuit – all very exciting.

I was suprised at how fast the dead sheep has been decomposing – it is pretty much down to its bare bones now – here is a picture from last week – can you see it ?

It has been raining the last few days giving all the rivers some much needed water – should make things even better !

Watch this space…..


  1. Methuselah · May 8, 2007

    Glad you enjoyed fishing our little river and you’ll be pleased to know that there has been a bit more water in it over the past 5 or6 days.

  2. Alistair · May 8, 2007

    Yegads – I went down today and there was too much water – just my luck 🙁

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