A wee bit stress relief!!

So I decided to go for a wee walk along the banks of the Kelvin today for a bit of stress relief. It just so happened that I took my fishing rod and was wearing my waders at the time. It was only for a couple of hours, I did not think I was going to catch anything as the water was quite murky after all the rain but did manage to tempt this one too my hand…
wee troot
All the dates on my pictures are wrong by the way, I have never got around to fixing it properly. I seen a bit more action as I found a few fish rising, managed to scare one away and hook one….it was a nice fish too………..it got off when it was a few feet away from me!!!

Ah such is life 🙂

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  1. George · June 18, 2005

    Hi Alistair,
    Wonder how you faired at the end of your wee walk down the Kelvin.
    Hear, do you always, just go for a wee saunter down the road with your waiders on ? :o)

    How did you go last night with the thunder and lighning?
    It hit here just after 1am, wasn’t too bad; more a lightning show with a bit of drizzel.
    I think it might have been worse towards the NE of here, which includes good ol Glesga ! ….Hope it didn’t mess too much with the Kelvin.

    It’s quite cool here today, hope to go fishing this evening …. going to tye up a few lures … cat’s whiskers, a few orange fritz too …

    speak soon … George :o)

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