A trout of any size…

So more Salmon than ever are running the Kelvin – this means more fisherman will be going after them. With this news I am rubbing my hands in glee as Salmon are a fish I have no interest in catching. Well, when I say that, what I mean is I have no interest other than a few outings a year to actually target them seriously. I am rubbing my hands in glee as this means more people will stop targeting the trout that I like so much. Less trout pressure essentially means more trout fishing for me and other true trout addicts who care little for the size of fish but more about what you actually did to catch that trout. Thankfully my friends are of this opinion as well. We have a fairly accurate measurement of fish that goes thus: small one, nice one, big one; let’s have a photo and a trout with beautiful colours. This of course changes on each river that we fish – we know from experience what we expect from each other and I only ever made one faux paux and that was when Alex caught his beauty and I insisted on meeting him half way across the river to take a photo. Well, to be fair it was deep and I am the only one that carry’s a camera.
So, rather than size it is the experience of the thing…
Lets take this little chap here as an example.
a trout of any size
My story of catching this lovely trout probably started a few nights before. Probably when I realised that I had run out of olive klinks or even tiny cdc patterns. I then spend a couple of hours tying up a few patterns that I think I will need.
I get to the river and spot him rising, I then think about the best way to actually target him, knowing that if I get to close or come into his “window” I will spook him and the chance is lost. I look at the water and notice that Large Dark Olives are coming off in numbers-I tie on an imitation and immediately cast into a tree behind me. Rather sheepishly I then move to another spot and recast. This time my drift is all wrong as I have to spend time working out exactly where all that drag is coming from. Yegads – a speculative cast had him move 2 feet to intercept my fly and now he is landed – a quick photo opportunity (he is glad I get the hook out his lip pronto) and back in the water to go and tell his pals about the scary time he had with OLIVE THE DESTROYER.

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  1. Bill Anderson · January 16, 2007

    Great Story Alistair! It definitely is the experience of fishing and not the size of the fish you catch!

  2. Alex · January 16, 2007

    So true, Alistair. There is certainly something about the level of involvement you get with trout fishing; a degree of intimacy that you don’t get with other species.
    With trout, it isn’t about the end product; more the journey – the thought process- it takes to get there.
    I’m sure any trout angler worth their salt will attest that some of their most satisfying catches have been tiddlers.
    Anyone who tells you otherwise is missing out on all the fun!


  3. Jamie · January 16, 2007

    That was lovely to read and so, so important.

    It is really special to me how I catch the fish. I have moved over to what used to be imho hit and hope shore angling, often practised with little finesse. Many times I have gone home with only a small wrasse when others have taken home bags of fish, but they didn’t known when they hooked the fish, they couldn’t say they hunted it and worked for it.

    I am hoping to get a kayak this year and to SWFF for many species and really enjoy the tactics and fight each species offers.


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