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Ken from The Draggin’Fly Chronicles left a messege and posted on my blog the other day. I had a wee gander around his site and found a cracking philosophy

Rule 1: Always start fishing with a dry fly

Rule 2: Never fish a fly larger than size 12

Rule 3: Cast at every rise and continue until the fish is either hooked, spooked or put down

Rule 3a: A fish is deemed spooked only if the bow wave or fleeing fish is seen

Rule 3b: The only valid reason for putting down the fish is snagging ones last remaining dry fly irretrievably in branches above the rise.

Rule 3c: If the angler is likely to be in a life threatening situation for arriving home late AND is at least one hour late returning home AND is within 20 yards of the end of the beat then it is permissible to cease casting at the rise.

Rule 4: The angler may only change to a nymph after at least one hour of fishing the dry fly if no rise has been seen.

Rule 5: Never cast more than 20 feet of fly line. However any length of leader is permitted.

Class, sheer class!!!

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  1. Karol · April 4, 2004

    So what am I going to do with a bunch of size 8 tchernobyl ants I tied a week ago? Hehehehe. I guess we all have some sort of rules. Mine is to never use a glo-bug…

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