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For some reason the last few posts have become mixed up – I will summarize the last one here and rewrite the giant hogweed post – all the comments have been lost unfortunately 🙁

Kelvin Wednesday

 Warm and muggy – I managed a few hours on the river. Driving there was hell, I seemed to get stuck at every set of lights –

traffic lights hell

traffic lights hell

 Still, I was soon in a little oasis of calm in the city…

A nice ripple

A nice ripple

 As soon as I arrived I picked up trout from a nice long ripple, they put a fair bend in my Orvis four weight and fought like little devils. I was fishing dry fly – a CDC and Elk. The main action lasted maybe around a half hour however after moving up to the next pool the takes were not so quick – on the way back my Polaroid’s steamed up and stayed that way – does that ever happen to you ?


small troot

small troot

 At dusk I moved back to the first glide and only managed to winkle out another trout. I then walked slowly down to the access point casting my fly to the side of me and walking downstream with it – this way I caught an additional few trout – nice big ones too. These trout are usually pretty spooky but in the gloaming they get that little bit braver at accepting flies attached to a leader.

Caught in Slow Water

Caught in Slow Water

 All in all around a half dozen (maybe more) trout caught.


  1. Jim · July 28, 2008


    I get that with my polaroids as well. I wear the wraparound type that I pick up as cheaply as possible, due to an uncanny knack for losing them, the ones I have now I got free from G.A.C. when buying other stuff, I think they’re Airflo. I blame the steaming up on the fact they’re too tight to my face to allow any air flow.. if it’s hot and you sweat, they steam up. Apparantly there is a spray you can buy to stop this, I was told about it when in John Norris in Penrith but they were out of stock so I can’t vouch for how well it works.
    Mine usually clear if I pull them down my nose for a bit.. it’s not ideal but better than not being able to see at all.


  2. Alistair · July 28, 2008

    I nind reading somewhere that if you spit on them it will stop them steaming up but it has never worked for me – I will keep an eye open for that stuff Jim !

    You been out fishing ?

  3. Stuart B · July 28, 2008

    Swimmers do that with their goggles I believe ( spit in them ) . Google for “Sunglasses Steaming Up” and you’ll see it a common problem .

  4. Jim · July 28, 2008

    Tried the spit thing myself… Same result.

    Went out on Sunday for about 6 hours…. Too hot… Glasses steamed up LOL

    Tried a small river and a bit of the Clyde but the fish were lethargic at best. Fished Dry and Dropper through the faster water and later on just Dries in the shady bits, we managed a few fish each but it was a slow day.
    We had to leave early so may have missed the best of it, who knows… Nice to be out though.



  5. James · July 28, 2008

    Hello all,

    I went paint balling once and they used a small amount of fairy liquid smeared on the inside of the mask to prevent it steaming up, It worked a treat and i don’t get half as sweaty fishing as i did running about shooting people!

  6. Stuart B · July 28, 2008

    And makes your eyeballs sparkle at the same time 🙂

  7. Paul R · July 28, 2008

    I can 2nd the fairy liquid method. Works a treat when I go snowboarding. Another alternative is anti fog wipes that you can get for your car windscreen. Pick them up cheap at Halfords.

  8. Fl3tch · July 28, 2008

    I just push mine down my nose a little and let it sort itself out. I’d probably blind myself if i used chemicals 😀

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