A Recap!!

Right so I can give you a little update on the last month……I can condense it down into one post…its quite easy if i cut out ALL the moaning and the groaning and the telling you how ill I was.
Anyway, I went to the Glasgow Angling Centre and bought some fly tying materials and was impressed by the service that i recieved. The reason i noted this is because I always felt the service was poor in that place. As it was they were exellent in their advice of what CDC i should buy and also sold me a Grey Heron feather for a couple of bucks. The guy also gave me some advice on what I should use for Grey Dusters and subsequently I caight my very first trout on one of my very own tied dry flys….it was a grey duster by the way…..

first trout

You can see the fly in the mouth…..I caught it fishing this little run, usually I only target rising fish but this time i targetted somewhere that i thought a fish would be……a valuable lesson!!

for the dry

On the same day i caught a nice sea trout …….ahem on the same dry fly i might add……although by this time i think it had sunk up in the vet school stretch…it was only a small un though but was my first one…..I always find it strange that i never catch more when other people do!!

I have not added in ALL the moaning and groaning and bitterness……you may add that in as you wish!