A rather nice update…

A rather nice update from Rob Wilson, a frequent Kelvin fisher

I headed out early this morning, and wandered down from my house as far as the art galleries. The river was pretty coloured, and no real sign of any fish. On the way back, despite the rain coming back on, the water was clearing and fish had started rising. Took a beauty from the last stretch of the park, photo is a bit rushed after a great fight, and I had a small crowd by that time. I fished back up to the Botanics and had another five fish. Had another few hours tonight after a bit of diy, caught another four. Seemed to be a day for spectators – a fox sat a rods length away on the bank and watched me catch my last two!



  1. bryan mclean · August 3, 2006

    realy need some help on the fly situation. jsut cant seem to catch anything from the river this weather.
    seen a horendous sight yesterday at the river some senseless bait fishers had caught and beheaded about 6 young trout. whats the point in this?

  2. George · August 3, 2006

    Smashing fish Alistair 🙂

    Maybe catch up when your no busy

    Tight Lines

    George :o)

  3. Alistair · August 3, 2006

    Hey Bryan,

    What flies are you using ? I know I have been having some success with small, like tiny, size 18-20 F flies. Failing that I have just been searching with a Knlinkhammer.
    I have heard that there are guys that catch the juvenile trout to use as Pike bait, maybe they left the bodies behind ?

    Hi George,

    To be fair Rob seems to be doing better than me at the moment- I have been busy busy busy to do much serious river action !


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