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You would be forgiven for thinking I have not done any fishing at all over the last week – as it is I have been chasing Pike on the Forth n’ Clyde canal and attempting evening sessions on the Kelvin – both did not amount to much mainly because I was half pished merry from some red wine on the canal and managed to hit the Kelvin when all the Yellow Mays were having a massive orgy – only problem was they were not doing it anywhere near the water.

Urban Pike Fishing

Urban Pike Fishing

I also popped into the Friends of the River Kelvin gala day – the Kelvin Angling Association had a stall  this year where the guys sold a fair few permits and seemed to attract plenty of women who were interested in what we were up to.

FORK 2009 Gala Day

Yes Euan - that is a WOMEN - you know, just like your mother!

Here is another one of a women who thought I was a pervert – look it is for the website ok!! You can ckeck out more photos over at the official club page.

Note:shifty eyes

Note:shifty eyes

I was walking through the park today as it is the famous West End Festival – the park was absolutely heaving with people out listening to the music and watching the parade..

New recruits for the bailiff force?

New recruits for the bailiff force?

– after meeting a pal we spotted a lone angler casting into some shade in the distance – turned out it was none other than Derek from “A River Returns” – he had winkled out two trout even with the low water and hoards of people walking past the river.

Cigarette hanging from mouth, oblivious to several thousand people walking past…it can only be Derek

Cigarette hanging from mouth, oblivious to several thousand people walking past…it can only be Derek

Tonight I headed down to the river for a session however when I arrived it started to rain – I walked the stretch and did not even see one rising trout – I decided that an early night was called for (saving my brownie points for a proper evening session this week) which means I can replenish my fly box.


  1. Jim Burns · June 14, 2009

    Alistair,Myself and the other half were also down at Forth & Clyde canal today for a bike ride along the canal.Will be going to get a canal permit as we spotted a good size pike must have been about the 4 to 5lb mark.Water was gin clear and the pike was happly feeding away. I was all for going back home for the fly rod. Made do with going to the Kelvin tonight 8.30 to 10.30 best time the last few days with river being so low. Got a couple of nice brownies on Hi-Float Mayfly.Meant to get along to the park yesterday but had to go visting,looks as if it was a good day from the photos. AH! Photos Alistair, down loaded photos of Kelvin trout onto Photobucket and asked the daughter to post them on River kelvin Association gallery don’t know what happened but something went wrong. If you log into Photobucket public albums JimBurns_album you can see photos.

  2. Alistair · June 14, 2009

    Hi Jim – meant to say – can you mail the actual photos to me – you do not need them on a photobucket account – I just add them my end 🙂

    You still being going out most nights?

  3. Graham fae Sydney · June 14, 2009

    Was all the stuff on the table for sale including the becks?

  4. Stuart B · June 14, 2009

    I hope not ‘cos that’s illegal 🙂 I think the Becks have been sunk by someone …are the tops not off them ? ( and drinking them in a public place is illegal as well by virtue of those wise men and women who decide such matters GRRRRR!!!!!)

  5. Alistair · June 14, 2009

    Actually the booze was being sold by FORK – there is some special relaxing of the law due to the west end festival or something like that 🙂

  6. Stuart B · June 14, 2009

    Aah right Alistair ..I’d forgotten about that pissu..err gathering of intellectuals and luvvies !!!

  7. Alistair · June 14, 2009

    Stuart – I am shocked at you – ye of little faith!

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