A Note on Gravatars

The pictures next to comments are called gravatars, at the moment they are just the default pictures that the software throws up (the little aliens) however you can have your own picture if you like. Not only does it make your comment stand out more than the ones who don’t it is also a good way of promoting your blog if you have one. Even if you don’t it is much nicer seeing something you yourself have chosen.

Have a look here at this pictureof my comments section, I have highlighted the people with gravatars with red dots:


You can use whatever picture you like, for example:

  • a photo as a Gravatar, which will show off your face.
  • a logo as a Gravatar, which will build brand recognition for your blog

You could also have a humorous Gravatar, or a serious one, or whatever you’d like to gain attention to. I just know some jolly jokers are going to have cannabis leafs however I think I will allow this due to the amount of cannabis plantations found on the banks of the Kelvin.

Having a good and thought-through Gravatar is a way to be seen, and to get a message across, in addition to your actual comment.

For myself, I’ve got a photo. This is suitable for several reasons, one being to show my face and therefore imply that I’ve got nothing to hide. Also because no other bugger ever takes my picture.

How to add a Gravatar?

Very simply visit Gravatar.com and sign up. It is very straight forward and within minutes by the power of the interweb your picture will appear in the comments – go and try it now. It works by linking the email address you give when you post a comment to the picture you upload at the Gravatar website.


  1. Stuart B · February 1, 2009

    And it works so be careful which picture you choose as it will appear wihout you doing very much ..lol

  2. Alistair · February 1, 2009

    Welcome to the world of individuality 🙂

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