A nice days fishing!

So I had a day down at the River Gryfe. Confidentiality forbids me from telling you exactly where. Anyway, myself and my fishing partner managed to talk a friend into actually going fishing. The friend feels that he has lost the spark for fishing or some shite like that……….he now plays tennis for goodness sake 😉
Anyway, we managed to convince him that he had to get back to his roots (he does far too much loch and competition fishing) so we headed down to a small stream. He was using his new little bamboo rod and it was an absolute stunner I must say. It is really making me want a little bamboo rod for the Kelvin…..
Anyhow, we had a good day out but I nearly blanked if it was not for perseverance at a little pool next to a waterfall.
Here is a picture of my fishing buddy looking rather intense…
Got home and found my first birthday present waiting for me. Actually it was my second as on Thursday I was given a book called “Somewhere Else” from the staff on my placement……I am gagging to start reading it. My birthday is actually on Monday but seeing as how I tanned a couple of glasses of wine I was intrigued as to what it was. Anyway, I opened it…….and found this
hardy waistcoat
Yup its a Hardy waistcoat……….very very nice!! I have been hunting around for one of these now for a while , not that one in particular but a new waistcoat……..my old one is getting a bit tatty and seeing as how I think it is unlucky to actually wash a fishing waistcoat then some of the fish slime makes it look weird. Oh and it has FAR too many pockets!!
Anyway, my new one is GREAT!!

It is just a pity that I may not actually get much fishing done the next wee while as I will be so busy………………pfft!! Oh yea and the felt sole fell off my wading boot and is now lost nowhere to be found. Must pop into the GAC (shudder) and get some new felt soles for my birthday to fit em before next week.


  1. sharkie · April 24, 2005


    You are one lucky dude!!!
    Very, very nice vest indeed!

    Hope to see some fishy photos soon.

  2. Emanuele · April 24, 2005

    not bad at all……….lucky boy………..
    u will become one of those posh anglers …fashion and style
    with your picture on the cover of …”time….fly angler”….
    and btw..
    happy birthday!!!!
    may the trout be with you

  3. Alistair · April 24, 2005

    Are you trying to say that I am not full of style just now 😉

  4. Neil · April 24, 2005

    (belated) Happy birthday!!

    the waistcoat looks very nice.

    See you at the kelvin at some point.

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