A mixed bag…

Mixed results as the season draws to a close. I have had several sessions on my other favourite river, two at the local canal for Pike and one down the Kelvin.

I met Mike down at my other river for a few hours, the river was slightly high and the colour of tea but did not let that put me off. What put me off was a near dunking accident – on trying to cross the river I became wedged up against a ledge and could not get myself away from it because of the force of water. Got the old heart rate pounding, I could see my life flashing before my eyes (as well as my net and rod for that matter) – regretting some of the things I have done and some of the things I could have done a little more. As it was I managed to crawl to safety and within 10 mins all was forgotten. I managed to pick up several grayling – two on the dry and two on the nymph.

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I managed one trout. I think it is that time of year where the trout really do have other things on their mind. Sure, the hatches might not be as intense as the start of the year but the trout go absolutely bananas when hooked, usually jumping out of the water several times rather than boring deep. I have not seen a big fish for a while which I find odd as I know they are still there.

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A couple of trips down to the local canal, one by myself and one with Alex. I am waiting on a new reel for my 8/9 weight so was using my spinning rod and a rattling plug. Turns out we shouldn’t have bothered as the Pike were not playing the game and we nearly got blown back to the car by a roaring gale. The canal is still weedy as well which made getting a good retrieve happening nearly impossible.

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Tuesday night down to the Kelvin – I have heard rumours of large numbers of Sea Trout in the river so thought I would chance my arm – sods law meant the river was a little high with a dodgy color i.e. like mud. Plenty of fly life on the water – very small olives

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I thought Large Dark Olives would have made an appearance by now but I never seen any. I used a dry and dropper and proved there is always a couple of crazy trout in the river.

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  1. brian hall · September 27, 2007

    hi urban fly fisher, being a novice and only fly fishing for over a year i want to start on the rivers and the clyde, kelvin would be ideal as i live in greenock. any info on permits etc and pools would be great. i know its late in the season but i aint catchin sitting hear and fisheries are not wild,
    tight lines

  2. Alistair · September 27, 2007

    Hey Brian,

    For info on the Kelvin go here


    Late in the season is an understatement – it ends on Saturday!

    Get tying flies for a full on attack next year I say


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