A little bit of exitement!

So I woke up this morning and the weather forecast was for thunder, heavy rain and gales in the afternoon. I wanted to go on a lenghy treck along to a tributory but with the forecast I knew that was out the window. I was going to go to the gym but thought ….what the heck (or words to those effects) and got my gear together and headed down to dawsholm park The water was pretty dark looking but put on a dry and had a bash. I hooked a nice fish but it managed to get away. I ended up fishing untill around 4pm and the rain didnt start till about 7-8pm..thats the forecasters for ya.
I walked up to the vet school and had a fish their. It was actually quite cold with no fly life on the water so was not doing too well. I walked further up to the top of the stretch and decided to put on a little wet fly…..what the heck it was worth a bash.
I seen a splash next to some weeds…
Cast to it and the fish was on……and what a fish for that matter….it was just under the half pound mark and fought well. I tried to take a picture but my dinky digital camera was and is jiggered. It was not working the last time I took it fishing iether. Its annoying as I do not want to take my good digital camera fishing with me. So I suppose its time to have a gander and see whats on offer……after having a browse around on Amazon I found this one
Looks ok, has a flash and a little viewfinder thingus…..if you click the photo you can see all the specs.
Anyway, I doubt I will be able to get it this season as im absolutely rooked. Unless of course people start frantically clicking all the wee google ads….i get like .000005p every time someone clicks them.
The thing is that if you practise catch and realease I think it is important to have some kind of record of the fish that you catch, also its just damn nice to take photos of stuff that you see …..animals, bugs, trees and the river itself.
Oh yea, anyway, where was I. I walked back up the river as the sun came out……had another bash with a dry, hooked a nice fish……it was kinds funnly looking…..If I didnt know better I would say it was a little Sea Trout…..a finnock!…….I was trying to find a picture of a finnock to show you but am having difficulty. It was like a brownie…I mean it had red spots but was more silvery than brown. NOW you can see why I need a camera.

Anyway, I reckon that will be the last time I get some nice river fishing done for a few weeks as I am off to Sri Lanka on Friday to see my step sister getting married. Jeepers…..AND Ive got to wear a Kilt…..yes a KILT in SRI LANKA….how crazy is that….I wanted to wear my shorts and a nice T- shirt but then everyone started getting all uppity about it…..”your going to ruin our big day”…in fact when i suggested that there was not that much they could do about it if I didnt get one they said i would be uninvited. :p Oh great…..now I get to sit in front of the pool instead of going to the actual wedding…..and that is supposed to be a punishment?? It was at this stage that my better half stepped in.
If Im wearing a Kilt in Sri Lanka they are wearing Chewbacca outfits next year at my wedding!!
Anyway, i pick up the kilt on Thursday and ive got to lug the thing all over Sri Lanka.