A jaunt up the Kelvin…Video Nasty!

Kelvinator Alasdair P posted a nice wee video in my Kelvin Forum of several of the runs and pools at the lower end of the river – pretty much from the Clyde and then up a few miles.

He has very handily named all the pools and areas – If you do not fish the Kelvin and only read this blog in the hope that one day I will fall in again I urge you to have a gander at it – it really show you just how urban the river actually is. It also shows to go you just how imaginative we anglers are at naming pools – like the “White House” due to the white house or “The Big Blue” because of the pub or even the famous “Tree Pool” because….well I don’t want to ruin the surprise do I….

Thanks Alasdair – that was awesome! The only thing missing was the colorful characters we run into from time to time!