A Fly Fishers Ten Commandments

  1. ” Thou shalt not share sweet spots disclosed by friends
  2. ” Thou shalt defecate in that service station before going near water
  3. ” Thou shalt impart one nugget of wisdom to every brother of the angle that you meet.
  4. ” Thou shalt only kill when needed
  5. ” Thou shall not cover another mans spot nor try to crowd him out
  6. “Thou must be prepared to blank and not be bitter”
  7. Thou must not be convinced whiskey is a good idea while fishing (unless it is just the one) nor smoking anything funny (unless it is a nice day and no trout are rising)
  8. “Thou must congratulate a friends trout”
  9. “Thou must drink water”
  10. “Thou must pay attention to ones wife/girlfriend”


  1. Joe · March 4, 2007

    I enjoyed your list of commandments, although I believe that every fisherman has his own set of commndments. My wife especially liked #10. Liked the blog and will come back often to read the new stuff.

  2. Alistair · March 4, 2007

    Thanks Joe,

    To be honest to ensure a regular and productive season paying attention to your significant other is a must !

    It should be up their on your list of priorities with tieing flies and buying leaders 😉

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