A few hours on the smelly kelly..

The day was overcast, warmish (around 12 degrees), a little windy, there was the odd olive on the water (big ones too), the water was giving off its usual smell – they don’t call it the Smelly Kelly for nothing – anyway, to cut a long story short I caught one trout on a nymph – a tiny one at that.


I also discovered a Triffid growing by the river – just sitting there – growing – I have seen the movie and the even better BBC adaptation.


Before long shit like this will be happening….


Sinister -damn right…..


I suppose there is every possibility I let my imagination run away with me so I stand corrected if it is not some evil flesh eating plant – anyone know what it is?

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  • lol…. brilliant Alistair .. the Triffid story not the wee fish! 😎

    I went down to the Kelvin at The Vet School about 11:30, first time I have been down there. must have been about 12 people fishing, including a couple (in a car of 4) the security guys let in after I heard them telling him they had left their permits at home!!! … maybe they had?

  • Sounds like hell Jim – we should meet up for a fish soon!

  • “Sounds like hell Jim”
    I watched 4 guys spinning using weights the size of my thumb (and I have big hands!)and casting into water that was 12″ deep, it was very funny hehehe
    the bit round behind the Rugby pitch fences was nice, nobody about more or less and a lovely bit of river, the remains of a Nissan hut in the water gave it a historic quaint feeling 😎
    “we should meet up for a fish soon”
    sounds like a plan…

  • Campbell S

    I think your plant may be skunk cabbage, I have seen similar in British Columbia in the spring, check wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Skunk_Cabbage. Glad to hear you got out.

  • I should give you a prize Campbell – that looks spot on – a new one to add to the list of interesting facts of the Kelvin I reckon!

  • Campbell S

    It’s an invasive species and is starting to cause havoc! I think they can be bought still in garden centres. Fire at will….

  • Looks like it is stomping time!!

  • Campbell is right — looks like skunk cabbage — but I love the Triffid analogy — just think if it really was Triffids invading the Kelly, or anywhere for that matter, that it would likely be met with the same alarm as global warming does — then again maybe it’s because of global warming that the Triffids are appearing…..

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  • LOL i love the plant thing… maybe it is a man eating plant.. I’ll just need to remind myself not to fish at that lake lol

  • I am so much looking forward to learning how to flyfish properly this spring and summer. Its amazing how well I can read the ocean but am pitiful on the streams!

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  • Peter

    You know it never ceases to amaze me, the number of people who slag off the Kelvin,but continue to fish it.The “Smelly Kelly” tag is sure to entice new members, don`t you think?. Last season my mate and I bought day tickets for the White Cart at Busby from the grocers shop and it too wasn`t the nicest place to fish (the river not the shop), with lots of debris on the banks. Why don`t members of the committee try to organise a clean-up of the rubbish one day a month, instead of photographing it and posting it on a web page.That would be a step forward.

  • LOL – Peter – I have fished the river for years- I love the river – I am certainly not slagging it off – it is like calling your best pal “ya daft bugger” in a playful way!

    Read through the blog – do not jump to conclusions!


  • Oh – and as for clean ups etc – please check out the forum for stuff we are working on!