A Day of Firsts

So this was a day of firsts. I had my first proper session on the Kelvin of the season. I saw my first Kingfisher of the year. I caught my first trout on the dry fly for the year. Additionally this was the first time I have actually fished in the snow.
The day started out nice and by around 1330 I decided to take a wander along to the river. It was a little higher and dirtier than usual with no fish rising so I fished down with a little nymph but had no joy. Then at last I seen a trout rising to Large Dark Olives which were on the water in abundance. Strangely it was in the same place as I caught my first trout of last year. I got into position let it drift past the fish a couple of times and then he was mine.
Possibly the best feeling all year.
I fished on and then spoke to a couple of pals on the phone. Emmanuelle had caught his first two trout yesterday so I was keen to tell him that the score was 2-1. However he was just finishing up in his local river and had caught another two. So that makes the score 4-1.
Alex was fishing up North pulling pink zonkers and had caught a few stockies- the shame ….the shame.

They both told me it was snowing where they were; Emmanuelle just stays a few miles away so I was surprised. About ten minutes later the snow started: a rather interesting experience. By this point I was fishing with a nymph again and apart from a few tugs nothing happened so I reckoned my time was up.


  1. alistair,
    Your first fish looks a good size. Hope to get down to river tomorrow and give it another go and see if I can get my first fish of season.

  2. A nice fish for the first of the season. At last i managed aday yesterday with quite good conditions. The river was a wee bit high and slightly coloured but i went to my usual stretch and worked my way through the pools. Saw nothing, felt nothing until i saw a small group of trout rising under a tree in a back eddy. This was a very tricky cast but i somehow after much blue air managed a drag free drift and a lovely trout just shy of the pound came to hand. Another of similar size was lost at the net 10 minutes later. The bloa did its magic agian, however looks like heavy rain and wild weather all week , so who knows when it will fish again !!

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