A couple of books!

You may remember a while back i went for a wander and bought some fishing books. One of them was “To raise a Trout” by John Roberts, its a guide to the techniques and tactics of dry fly fishing for trout on rivers and streams. A great book, essential reading for someone starting out with a dry fly, if you have a gander on ebay or amazon (amazon have loads of copies) I would pick one up. I love reading angling books, not just new ones but oldies as well, I have one called “trout in troubled waters” which i picked up off ebay….gives an old eye view on fishing timbling rivers with the fly and worm. I was considering walking up to one of the reservoirs on Monday but the more I think about it I think I will do the walk along the allander. Vision, got my waders today (I sent them recorded delivery) so with a bit of luck I should be back on teh kelvin next week. I quite fancy fishing the White Cart as and ive always wondered if i can get to any bits of the Clyde by public transport. If you know drop me a line 🙂
Whats the best material to use for the body of a grey duster? I was using grey wool but I thik that was making the body waterlogged and thus causing my fly to lose its “floatability” (thats my new word). Looking at the way that Bob Wyatt ties them he uses dubbed fur, mole, muskrat, or hare. I think rabbit fur can be used as well. Im going to buy some in the next few days…

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