72 days and counting

Oh, aye…Happy New Year!!.
So a nice quiet time was had on Hogmanay. I think it was at around 2pm on the first that I suddenly realised that I had not caught a fish all year. Alex has been making a killing with the Pike and is considering buying a nine weight whilst I have been looking at my local canal with gloom. On my run today along the canal and then the Kelvin I noticed that the rain we have had has once again put everything out of action. The Kelvin is a raging torrent meaning my others rivers will be a waste of time and the canal is looking very dirty.
Went out for a drive along to Loch Lomond, it was very pleasant watching the sky change colour as the sun set.
The Highland cows also wished us a Happy New Year.

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  1. alan atkins · January 2, 2007

    Alistair, all the best to you and your other half for the forthcoming season,i mean year !! The grayling fishing has been a non starter due to massive amounts of water in the Clyde Valley. The Tieth opens on the 1st of Feb, so it can rain all it wants in January !! speak soon

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