50 shades of brown..

Decided not to go fishing as my wife was going for a run after work – got a text from Jim Burns to say the river was in fine fettle and he could see rising fish despite all the rain over the last day – wife wanted to finish reading her sexy book – [amazon_link id=”0099579936″ target=”_blank” ]Fifty Shades of Grey[/amazon_link] so I had a free pass.

In the half hour it took me to get in the car and drive to the river the rain started again and it rose a few inches and turned into a chocolate color – I did not even string my rod up or get my waders wet. As I arrived Jim was getting out the river – we spent the hour or so watching the river rise and talking about holidays – turns out Jim’s wife is reading the book as well (as well as every other female in the Western

Whether it will fall again for tomorrow evening remains to be seen however Jim is up for joining in the bit of Pike action if this keeps up much longer.


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