50 days to go..

That’s it lads – it is now (Monday) 50 days until the start of the trout season. The temps appear to be sitting above freezing now and there is a sun in the sky. In fact today we are getting 8 hours, 6 mins and 28 seconds of daylight.

Conditions are possibly balmy (or possibly barmy)

50 days is what? – a month and a half – that’s like 6 weeks, if you get paid monthly you will probably only get one more pay packet before you can catch a trout again (possibly two). That’s hardly any time at all – ask me how many flies I have tied up?

The quick answer is bugger all – this is because I go to bed at approx half past eight at night due to sleep deprivation caused by number one child (and it doesn’t look as if the sleeping situation will be improving any time soon however more on that at a later date).

Talking of number one child he is two today – two years of fun filled adventure – that is two seasons in “trout talk”

You'll walk the plank fer that, Land-lubber!

I was on the phone to a buddy who is in the same situation as me and he tells me I am missing the “golden time” where the kids and the missus have gone to bed leaving you to do some fishy stuff – he is made of sterner stuff as I crave some shut eye – I am kinda hoping the sleep will be held in reserve for Summer when I can head out for some nice evening sessions when the kids go to bed.

Anyway – what else has been happening – lots of Kelvin anglers are now bricking it as they did not hand in their returns – for the record even if you caught nowt you still need to hand in a return – if you do not then you get classed as a new member and are required to pay a new members fee.

Additionally if the permit prices are put up by the members at the AGM then you will be protected by any new increases to the new member’s fee. All the members who did not send in a catch return received a letter about it which resulted in another couple of hundred catch returns being submitted – sweet action!

Anyway – I am taking the boy for a walk in the morning so will send a few photos from the riverbank – possibly!